Are you searching for Best movies to cheer your mood up in 2020, Mental Madhilo is for you


Mental Madilo is the best movie to cheer you up, which came in early 2020 and became a super hit. The producer Raj Kandukuri, who had a solid success with a film like ‘Pellichupulu’, has produced another film titled ‘Mental Madilo’. The film introduces a new director named VivekAtreya. The film made feel good elements, which the entire family can enjoy.

It is now the most desirable movie in terms of ‘Telugu movies watch online’. Mental Madilo available in Telugu OTT platform aha movies. It also got a very good response from the audience at movies on Aha. The reasons behind why the audience choosing Mental Madilo at movies on Aha are now going to tell you now. Let’s know about the Mental Madilo movie.


Arvind Krishna (Srivishnu) is confused as to which of the two options in front of him to choose. He has been living with this confusion since childhood. In addition, it is a shame to talk to girls. Even if they get married.. they start looking for relationships with Arvind at home thinking that he will get in the way. Arvind likes a girl named Sweccha (Nivetha) very much in this sequence. Sweccha completely transforms Arvind. Their bond comes down to engagement. But meanwhile Arvind changes his mind and tells her to cancel the engagement. What is the reason for such a change in Aravind? Does he like another girl? Does Arvind love Swecha? This movie is the answer to such questions.

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Artistes’ Performances:

It must be said that Srivishnu lived rather than said that he played well in the role of a boy with confusion. The way the director tells the story in his point of view is impressive. Of all the films Srivishnu has acted in so far, this film remains the best in his career. Nivetha excelled in the role of a young woman with feelings of independence. Also she impresses the youth with her beauty and performance.

Every single emotion is well expressed. It is certain that she will get more opportunities in Telugu with this film. Amrita, who played the role of Renu in the second half, did not seem to mind in terms of acting. Not long after, Shivaji Raja impressed the audience with his full-fledged role. Anita Chowdhury and Raj Madiraju have done well in their respective roles.


The big plus point of this movie is the music provided by Prashant. The background music elevated every single scene. The cinematography work seems to be beautiful. It would have been nice to pay more attention to the scenes shot in the Mumbai area. Although it is Vivek’s first film as a director, his taking is wonderful. He was able to create in the audience the feeling of seeing a good movie after a long time. Production values ​​are good. Audiences who want to watch a good entertaining movie for two and a half hours away from the commercials will definitely like this movie.

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Cast and crew:

Cast: Sri Vishnu, NivethaPethuraj, Amrita, Shivaji Raja,

Screenplay & Direction: VivekAtreya


Producer:Raj Kandukuri


While watching Mental Madilo, the audience will get the feeling of seeing a good movie after a long time.

Browse ‘Telugu movies watch online’ and find ‘Mental Madilo’ at ‘movies on Aha’