Best Tips to help and encourage a child to write

Teaching a child to read and write is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, implementation of right strategies, and the exertion of immense effort. But it is fun as well. An individual gets the pleasure of contributing to the child’s future so that the concerned individual can be successful in the long run.

Many children don’t like to write at all. They are at an early stage of development and have just recently grabbed the concept of reading and writing. Such young individuals only practice when they are told to or when monitored.

Teachers and parents should encourage a child to write so that the concerned individual can develop the necessary writing skills for communication that are important for his or her future.

To encourage a child to write parents and teachers can adopt the following techniques:

  • Involvement of the parents and teachers can make a big difference.

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  • Indulge the kids in different creative activities in which they are not forced to write; instead, they write willingly. Writing willingly will encourage a child to write more without the need of an external force by parents, teachers, or elders.
  • Tell the children to write some stories they like or make some stories and then narrate the composition. Engaging the involvement of others will certainly pump up the fun aspect of reading and writing.
  • It is essential that to convey and make the child aware of the benefits of reading and writing. This will help them to make conscious efforts in the future.
  • Tell the child to write a letter to the relatives, family members, acquaintances so that he/ she will get to communicate with them and also develop a habit of writing.
  • Suggest the child to write a journal in which he/ she can write anything of their choice. It’s a great way of making them write on a daily basis.
  • Allow the child to have some time to write. The key is not to rush and to allow them to work within their preferred environment.
  • Bring informative grammar books to expand the knowledge of the children, so that the child will get encouraged to apply it during the writing session.
  • Read together with your child; point out the mistakes but not to a large extent so that they can learn from their mistakes.