Considering Travel Nursing? 7 Things You’ll Need to Decide

Travel nursing jobs require a lot of adjustments so before becoming one you better prepare yourself by having knowledge of the things that have to be considered before you make your application. Know more about travel nursing jobs and know what to expect once you become one. Be prepared mentally and physically by getting ideas on what is needed in your work as a travel nurse. 

Things to Consider for Travel Nursing Job

1. Staffing Company

Working with a staffing company can be more convenient for you and can give you more job opportunities. Plus the fact that working with a staffing agency gives you support when you need it. Choosing the right staffing agency can aid you in meeting your expectations since they will be assisting you from application to onboarding. 

2. Recruiter  

Your recruiter will act as your evaluator when applying for a travel nursing job. They are the ones checking on your documents and responsible for screening each nurse if they are qualified for the job vacancies. Since there are specializations in nurses, they have to match the nurses to the needs of the healthcare facilities. 

3. Readiness/experience

Experience of at least 1 or 2 years for nurses is required when applying for a travel nursing job. Since you will not be trained and be working immediately experience is a must and you should be ready to work once you get assignments. There are healthcare facilities that want nurses to have 2 years of experience related to the specialization they are looking for so experience indeed matters. 

4. Contract terms

There are different periods for each assignment some assignments can last for a week and some for 23 weeks which is usually the maximum for travel nursing jobs. For every assignment given to travel nurses a contract is made, make sure to read the content before you sign them. The contract contains the salary rate, the conditions during the assignment, and other important details. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask so you can verify and get a clearer understanding of the contract you will be signing. 

5. Licensing/paperwork

As a travel nurse, you have to be a registered nurse and your license should be active. So you better make sure that your license is updated and if not your staffing agency can help you with the process. Another license needed for travel nurses is a state license since they are needed for the compact state before you can work in their area. Your agency will be assit8ing you with other paperwork that needs to be done, so better choose a travel nurse agency that knows how to take care of their nurses. 

6. Housing  

Housing for travel nurses is often provided by their staffing agency, however, there is nothing wrong if you have to verify it with your travel nurse agency will be providing you one if you get hired. Take note that you can also have an option to look for your own place and your travel nurse agency will provide a housing stipend for you instead. 

7. Packing

As a travel nurse, you should know what to bring and what not to. This way your travel will be more comfortable and you can travel light. The furniture and the essentials will be provided by your staffing agencies which means all you need to bring are your personal things and other things that you will be needing during your assignment. Researching the place you will be assigned to can help you determine what proper clothes to bring and how long will you be assigned there can help you pack enough necessities during your stay. 

Before your application gathers the knowledge you need and applies them to your application. Check and research the travel nurse agencies near you so you can pick one to join, it is possible to work for more than one staffing company so it’s up to you if you can manage your time wisely and pick the best two in your area and work under them so you can maximize your time. Grab the opportunity to become a travel nurse and grow your career as well as your personal goals.