Dan Bilzerian Poker Wins — Another Social Media Sensation or a True Story

Dan Bilzerian is a product of this time. A kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth thanks to an over-ambitious dad has grown up to become an Instagram superstar.

Although he has a considerable career in poker playing, there are some reasonable doubts related to his allegations of huge winnings at the poker table. In this article, we are going to discuss whether Dan Bilzerian poker wins really happened, or were they are just a part of his augmented reality he so gladly shares with his Instagram followers.

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Before we try to provide an answer to the burning question, let’s take a look back and see how Dan started playing poker at first place.

His father, Paul Bilzerian, was a widely successful Wall Street broker, and his ambition to earn more money drove him far away from home. This absence must have left some mark on Dan.

There is a well-known scandal about violating tax regulation that put Dan’s father to jail. Besides the prison sentence, there was also a fine of nearly $60 million Paul Bilzerian had to pay. However, he only paid a small portion of this fine while no one knows what happened to the rest of it. Many poker pros, including Doug Polk, believe that Dan’s astronomical bankroll is closely related to this money.

Dan Bilzerian started his poker playing career once he walked in the casino on the lake Taho with a suitcase packed with dollar bills. This seems to be the entire trust fund his father has established in his name. He started playing poker at some small stakes poker games and poker tournaments just to get the ropes of it.

Then, in 2009, he appeared on WSOP event and played face to face with Phil Ivey and other big shots. He left the poker table with $37,000 in his pocket on that occasion. After that, he turned to cash games, and he allegedly won 10.8 million dollars at a single session of poker in Las Vegas.

Nowadays, Bilzerian participates only in huge stakes private games that he holds in his Los Angeles home. Thus the doubts and disbelief when he talks about the millions he won at poker.

Doug Polk’s Opinion of Bilzerian Poker Skills

There’s a famous Bilzerian tweet about winning an incredible 12.8 million dollars at the poker table he shared with another filthy rich gentleman. This info has heated yet another argument among numerous poker pro’s, as well as others who judged Bilzerian’s extravagant lifestyle he so blatantly brags about on the Instagram.

Doug Polk, one of the most famous and the most successful professional poker players nowadays, decided to take some time and analyze Dan Bilzerian’s gameplay. He wanted to see if it is good enough to bring him the fortune he claims he had won. He decided to take an online poker game Bilzerian has played using Bill Perkins’ account. This was a small stake 10/20 poker game, and Polk has made the following conclusions after watching and commenting several poker hands;

  • Although he is a fan of aggressive playing style himself, Polk didn’t like the excessively aggressive play Bilzerian demonstrated at some points of the game. He then said that overly aggressive poker play usually ruins the gameplay.
  • Polk has also noticed that Bilzerian makes some basic pre-flop mistakes that no poker professional would make in a million years.

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The bottom line is that Doug Polk doesn’t think Bilzerian is able to make such a fortune by playing poker the way played it in this game.He also thinks that Bilzerian’s story about playing on the budget in the early days, before poker made him rich, doesn’t hold water. Playing with limited bankroll demands discipline and excellent knowledge of the basic poker strategy that Bilzerian doesn’t put on display during his gameplay.

His Side of the Story

Bilzerian talked about the 12 million win at the poker table stating that he won this over three successive games where his rival played extremely loose, always being one step ahead of him. He said that they were playing No Limit Hold’em with 10000/25000 blinds, and that there were $18 million on the table in front of him. This sounds incredible even to the seasoned casino sharks that play poker at the luxurious Bellagio. The buy-in at the highest stakes tables in here is $20000.

He usually just brags about his incredible success at various poker games to enhance the resentment many people have towards this “Instagram Playboy.” This fact doesn’t seem to bother Bilzerian at all. On the contrary, he seems to enjoy pushing people’s buttons by putting his over-the-top extravagant lifestyle on display.

Let’s Wrap This Up

The fact is that he must have played numerous high roller games and won against weaker players. But that doesn’t make him the top poker player who wins tons of money at poker as he would like people to see him.

Some people claim that he gets mad when others take him for a filthy rich arrogant bratt, whose total net worth is around $100 million. The fact is that Dan Bilzerian leaves that impression. So we should leave this enfant terrible of social networks to annoy his haters by his lifestyle and life choices, and state that the truth about his poker winnings is somewhere in between.