How to Never Get a Frozen Shoulder

Arterial embolization may improve pain and function in frozen shoulder

Shoulder congestion, freezing, or stiffness is a common condition that can happen to anyone. Shoulders are critical for body movements. With frozen or stiff shoulders, it’s hard for people to move their arms freely. Severe shoulder pain may even restrict their ability to walk properly. Thankfully, there are easy ways to never get frozen or stiff shoulders. Of course, some shoulder injuries are impossible to avoid. Unless you’re faced with such accidents, you can avoid getting stiff shoulders.

Basic Ways to Avoid Shoulder Pain 

The easiest way to avoid getting a frozen shoulder is by using it properly. Never swing or jerk your shoulders in odd directions. Our shoulders have restricted ranges of motion. They’re not designed to move in certain directions or at certain speeds. So, avoid swinging or rocking your shoulders at all times. Also, avoid burdening your shoulders with large weights. Excessive use of shoulder joints causes inflammation. Inflammation in the shoulder joints, tendons, and ligaments are the root causes of frozen or stiff shoulders. Inflammations may even lead to infections or serious shoulder diseases. If you accidentally injure or inflame your shoulder joints, take appropriate rest. If one week of rest doesn’t eliminate the stiffness in your shoulder, seek medical attention.
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Natural Ways to Treat Stiff Shoulders

Experts of treating frozen shoulder [หัวไหล่ ติด, which is the term in Thai] know many natural cures. Of course, severe shoulder pain requires medical assistance. But, there are natural remedies to cure stiff shoulders that patients can practice at home. Regular physical exercise, for instance, is very important for avoiding shoulder injuries. People with active and healthy shoulders recover faster from injuries. Physiotherapy exercises like reflexology and acupuncture are also very helpful. Practice these non-medical and non-surgical techniques when you get shoulder stiffness. If the shoulder pain doesn’t return, good. But, if your shoulder injury is chronic, get it diagnosed by a medical expert.