Should College Students Buy HONOR MagicBook 14?

Many college students will choose a suitable notebook computer to help them study better. The HONOR MagicBook 14 introduced today can completely meet the needs of all students. Ultra-thin and ultra-light experience. Good performance is enough to impress all students. So what magic does this HONOR PC computers have?

First, let’s look at this HONOR MagicBook 14 from the outside. From the appearance point of view, the design of this notebook is simple. Open it is very light and thin, the screen is large. Some people may worry that the screen conference will not be very heavy. Not at all. This notebook computer has a 14-inch screen. But its body is only the size of a 13-inch body of an ordinary notebook phone. The HONOR MagicBook 14 has an ultra-thin 4.8 mm frame. Although the screen is larger, its volume remains unchanged. Therefore, there is no need to worry about inconvenience in carrying. The MagicBook 14 weighs only 1.38 kg and the thickest part of the computer is only 15.9 mm. Moreover, the screen has obtained Rhine certification. Which can reduce blue light and protect eyes. You can see the screen clearly outdoors. The screen can be turned over 180 degrees. All these advantages make its overall appearance beautiful and atmospheric, and more consumers will like it.

Then we will look at whether its performance is sufficient for students to use. The HONOR Magicbook 14 uses the new AMD Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor. Equipped with ultra-high speed PCIe NVMe SSD storage drives. Many users do not know much about AMD’s graphics cards. This group of people think that only NVIDIA’s graphics card is suitable for playing games. Not really, AMD’s graphics card is better than NVIDIA in color processing of graphics. And it will not be too bad in dynamic processing. At present, this computer can satisfy more than 80% of the games on the market and is a powerful computer. Dear boys, it must be irresistible for such a computer that can play games and has excellent appearance. For the large amount of heat emitted by computers when boys play games, HONOR Magicbook 14 uses an efficient heat dissipation fan. Increased fan blades by 50%. Heat dissipation increased by 38%. Effectively prolong the service life of computers. Unique heat dissipation blades can reduce noise generation.

To go to school, one cannot avoid living in a dormitory. Dormitories are usually shared with roommates. Then everyone will have their own privacy. Some students set passwords for their computers, but in fact passwords can be cracked. However, with the fingerprint password, it is different. Users cannot open it without being present in person. The HONOR Magicbook 14 uses a combination of power keys and fingerprint unlocking. This design is considerate and humanized.

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As a student, buying a computer must be for study. It is necessary to take it to the place where you study. The HONOR Magicbook 14 is powered by a 56 WH high energy density battery. It can last 10.5 hours without pressure. The charging ability is strong. The battery can be fully charged in about an hour. There is no problem in studying and using abroad.

The above is the article about whether HONOR Magicbook 14 is suitable for students to buy. I hope this article can help everyone when deciding whether to buy this computer.