What exactly is Poker? Is it permissible to engage in Online Poker in India?

The game of Poker has been around since it was first popularised years back to kill boredom and win rewards. Over the next two centuries, it evolved into two different types – single-player and arcade mode.

With widely accessible smartphones and the internet, individuals have become more able to log into poker games. However, the time period of 2003-2007 saw an exponential boom in the online gaming industry.

Today, online poker is widely available on social media sites such as Facebook. Although it originally started in the browser version, it’s been developed extensively and allows players to play against real people.

With the invention of new technologies like virtual reality, live gaming platforms and a real-money game, the industry is in for a shakeup.

New real-time games, daily tournaments, and in-app purchases are appealing to the market and increasing the experience for the user base. The introduction of 3D gaming is continuing to enhance the robust gaming experience.

Factors contributing to the market’s rapid expansion

With online poker real money becoming one of the most popular sectors in India, it offers a way for people to make money by using skills. Participants see it as a competitive sport that tests the mind and has helped bring in more players.

Online poker has rapidly evolved with changes to card layouts and formats, in-app purchases and real money rewards. The community is now focused on the experience of playing online poker, rather than quantity of bets.

With the ease of use, security and legislation changing, more players are turning to playing poker online.

With creative formats like 2-way Live Audio Video, online poker is becoming more interactive than ever. Producers of online poker games have been able to implement much needed features that enhance the gaming experience. Players even feel like they are in the game thanks to high-definition audio and video content.

One platform that does this is AIO Games that is a live dealer poker gaming experience. These concepts impart games the vitality of live events by transforming them into possibilities, which in turn has made growth and expansion in the poker industry possible.

Online poker will continue to grow and is expected to head into a second boom with the soaring predictions coming from COVID-19.

The online poker industry is expecting another rise in traffic caused by the continued stay-at-home orders, adoption of remote working models, and the shutdown of physical casinos and gaming zones.

The global fanbase for online poker is predicted to grow through real money gaming apps.

Online Money Earning Poker Apps

If stakes are high enough, people in India can play poker and win real money, too. Some players even prefer to play via an online platform rather than sitting at a live table.

India is a country where card or tash games are appreciated and Poker players are making huge winnings. Playing online poker is also popular, so many people enjoy the game.

There are many Poker apps from which players can compete to win real money. The app is only required for these types of contests. Everyone has a chance to play different poker games, and the opportunity for winning huge rewards is available.

One such platform is (AIO) Games, which has an intuitive user interface that a lot of people are attracted to and it makes the playing process incredibly easy and quick. Even on withdrawals, this platform is very efficient and convenient.

There are so many real money online poker variants at AIO Games, it is hard to choose which one to play! Poker is a game where you have to continually make decisions about what kind of cards you want to keep in your hand for strategic reasons.

All In One Games allows users to get bonuses and other benefits in order to encourage them to play another game and win.

AIO Games is the platform that gives Indian poker players the best experience. Regardless of their trust in the platform, the Indian user base has grown significantly because AIO Games have provided a superior product with great features.

Online Poker players are able to make a living by simply wowing their opponents. You can even become one of the top Poker players in the country, if you put in the hard work and dedication of skill.

The best way to play online poker

  • In a game of Poker, the dealer deals or distributes the cards clockwise. 
  • The next player is the small blind and the person after them is the big blind.
  • In a poker hand there are two cards dealt face down, four cards dealt face up, and five cards dealt face down in the minor position.
  • A player who has the big blind or put in the blind can always check or fold. The player to the left of the big blind puts it in, then players to the left and right of them in turn put in their own bet. 
  • Once everyone’s bets are on the table, betting starts within those players who weren’t involved in a raise or re-raise.
  • The dealer first lays down three cards and they are often called “flops.”
  • After the flops, one more card is laid down on the table and that is known as the “turn.” After this “river” is drawn.
  • A player who has the same number of chips as others in the round needs to make a bet. 
  • To do this, you select from four options: raise, check, call or fold. After that round is finished, the players’ earnings are shared.
  • The dealer gives each player 2 cards and the dealer’s 5 cards, while the remaining 7 are spread among the players. 
  • The goal is to take the best card in hand.
  • Players can preemptively fold, check, or raise. If a preemptive raise is made by everybody, then the last player in the hand claims the pot. 
  • If multiple players are left at the end of the hand and no one has the highest cards, then all players show their cards and whoever has more wins.

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Is Poke Legal In Indial?

Real money games like poker are more popular than ever. Card games like poker have gone from staid afternoon activity to high-stakes business that employ hundreds or thousands of people today.

Poker has seen a boom in popularity with the rise of online services, and players are taking it seriously. However, the legality of playing poker varies depending on the state. Some states have approved poker betting, while others have outlawed it.

Online poker is legal in most states, but there are a few exceptions like Gujarat, Assam, and Orissa where the law on online and offline poker is uncertain.

With legalisation in India now, permitted online poker players must play legally. You can register and be a player after having undergone legal verification through KYC. The Apex Court of India officially made online poker legal in India via the proper registration process, with age restrictions for players between 18 years old and over, set by law.