Why Every Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Thailand is Focusing on Email Marketing

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Email marketing is dead in 2021 – right? Wrong! Almost all top eCommerce brands are revamping their email marketing strategies. Despite the rise of social media marketing, email is still great for reaching out to thousands of target customers. Modern-day consumers are tired of ads, constant notifications, etc. But, they still appreciate nice, customized promotional emails that contain news, offers, greetings, etc. eCommerce companies, in particular, must leverage email marketing to increase their sales. Here’s how digital marketing pros use email marketing campaigns to generate leads for their clients.

Using Email Marketing to Build Loyal Customer Bases

SEO will make your business website easily discoverable. Paid ads will boost your brand exposure. But if you aim to build long-term relationships with target customers, email marketing is a must-use tool. Encouraging and positive emails can turn one-time visitors into permanent customers. Customer retention becomes much easier when you send positive, customized emails to all past and target customers. Every top digital marketing agency Thailand aims for cost-efficiency. Email marketing doesn’t just help cut the costs of getting new customers. It also makes the process of retaining customers much easier and cheaper.
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Using Email Marketing to Boost Online Sales

Email marketing is still the most sales-driven marketing tool, despite the rise of new digital marketing channels. All businesses earn back the money they spend on Email marketing campaigns in the long run. Most earn back far more than what they invest via guaranteed sales boosts. Customized emails with interesting offers and perks never fail to interest target customers. Digital marketing experts send customized emails containing offers to e-store visitors. These efforts convert visitors into customers. A long-term email marketing strategy can increase your online sales significantly. That’s why every leading digital marketing agency Thailand is focusing on improving its email marketing efforts.