3 Common Questions About knee crepitus With Answers

If you notice that there is a crunching sound from your knees when you stretch the knee or move the knee continuously for a considerable period, you are experiencing knee crepitus [ข้อ เข่า มีเสียง , which is the term in Thai]. Maximum people experience this condition at different ages, although the rate of crepitus is higher in older adults. In this post, you will get answers to the most critical questions regarding the condition.

Question #1: Why is crepitus serious after total knee replacement surgery?

The cracking or crunching sound in the knee often occurs while standing or performing some exercise. And the experience has a deep impact on your negative emotions, fear, and inaccuracy in health beliefs.

After total knee replacement, the condition of knee crepitus is quite common. This type of condition will have its limitations and does not impact the knee joint. However, a doctor’s intervention will be appropriate if you are experiencing pain along with hearing the sound. It may be an indication that there is still some debris around the knee. But such types of operation are very rare.

Question #2: What can you do to avoid crepitus after knee replacement surgery?

The condition of crepitus depends mostly on the structure of your femoral component. The modern knee designs have smoother intercondylar box that aim to decrease the chances of crepitus.

  • Such designs reduce knee pain
  • It is ideal for patients whose undersurface of the knees are not in the condition for replacement.
  • Enhance the ability to climb stairs

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Question #3: Does crepitus imply more serious issues?

Crepitus is absolutely harmless and won’t cause any additional pain, except in some cases. The condition has no association with poor strength or inferior functionality of your knees. However, if the crepitus happened after an injury or traumatic experience and you have swelling at the knee, you need further investigations.