Baby Carriage: Some Common Mistakes When Placing Your Child

The baby carriage is one of the items that parents will use the most in the first years of life with their children. These attitudes when putting the baby in the stroller can cause severe problems in the baby’s brain. The baby carriage is one of the items that parents will use the most in the first years of life with their children. However, many parents do not know that this is also one of the items most related to accidents with the baby.

To get an idea, a survey published in the scientific journal Academic Pediatric Association found that in the United States alone, about 50 babies end up in the hospital daily for accidents with the stroller or the kangaroo. Among babies who were victims of these accidents, 42% of those in strollers and 53% in kangaroos suffered brain damage.

Most of these accidents, 55% of them, occurred in babies under one year of age, and most injuries occurred because babies fell or were knocked off wonderfold wagon w4 strollers or kangaroos. Therefore, the researcher listed the three most common mistakes that lead to falls on carts, they are:

Do not buckle the baby when he is in the stroller. This is because the baby can move and end up falling, or the stroller can tip over, causing the baby to fall;

  • Hang bags on the cart. This attitude can cause the stroller to tip, causing the baby to fall too;
  • Place the baby in a kangaroo or stroller that is not appropriate for the baby’s age and size.
  • Covering the baby carriage increases the risk of death from excessive heat.

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It’s a typical attitude for many parents: cover the baby’s stroller to protect it from the sun. In 20 minutes, the temperature inside the stroller can reach 37 degrees and lead to the baby’s death. It’s a typical attitude for many parents: cover the baby in the stroller to protect him from the sun. However, recent studies warn that the attitude increases the risk of sudden infant death.

This excessive heat is hazardous for the baby and can even be fatal. “It gets boiling in the cart, something like a thermos. In addition, air circulation worsens, and it becomes more difficult for parents to check if everything is ok with the little one because the cloth hinders the vision. Soon the environment is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for the baby. If it gets too hot in the stroller, the baby may think it has gone back into the uterus, and that’s why it may stop breathing.

In addition, the baby has difficulty regulating his body temperature, and when exposed to high temperatures, the chances of him dying from heat are greater. Thus, the guideline is not to cover your baby’s stroller, leaving the little one always bareheaded. In addition, on warmer days, it is advised to avoid going out with the baby between 11:00 and 17:00.