Buying a Garage Door

With proper care, good garage doors can last for decades if not a lifetime. As such, you’ll want to make the best choice possible even though this could mean investing a little bit more time and effort. New garage doors come with a wide variety of benefits including improved curb appeal, increased real estate value, lower heating and cooling costs, better home security, and insurance benefits among others. Even so, your choice plays an important role in how beneficial your garage door will be. The following pointers can help you make the best purchase.

Get an ‘in-person’ quote

Before you order a garage door, make sure a salesperson visits your home and assesses the situation. Every garage is a little bit different, hence the importance of an in-person quote. Some details will need proper assessment including the required headroom and side clearance as well the opening size and shape. With an in-person quote, the garage door company will take responsibility if something does go wrong. Added to that, a knowledgeable salesperson can help you make the best design decision.

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Pay extra for beefier springs

Springs are responsible for the smooth operation of your garage door by ensuring it goes up easily and comes down slowly. A majority of garage doors utilizes standard torsion springs rated for approximately 10,000 cycles. These coiled springs can often be seen above the door. While 10,000 cycles can sound like a lot, you’ll reach this number of cycles in about five years if you operate your garage door an average of six times every day. Fortunately, you can get a 20,000 cycle spring and enjoy double the durability for an extra $50.

Choose your garage door material carefully

Although the appearance of new real wood garage doors is unrivaled, they will not look good for long if you don’t practice proper maintenance, which requires a lot of time and money. Natural finishes will need recoating after a few years. If you wait too long, sanding off the finish completely and starting over might be the only way to restore a desirable look.

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On the other hand, you can get the same look for much less and avoid the stress of maintenance as well. Steel embossed with a faux wood-grain finish is one of the least expensive options. From a distance, this material looks exactly like real wood. If your budget allows it, garage doors that have an overlay made of fiberglass or composite wood are also worth considering. Besides the beauty of natural wood, composites offer the stability and durability of plastic.

Get a new opener as well

The best time to replace your garage door opener is when you are installing a new door, especially since professional garage door technicians have the expertise to install both. You are likely to save on labor if you replace your opener along with the garage door. Additionally, buying both the door and opener from the same supplier gives you leverage to negotiate a package deal. As a result, you can get a quieter, more advanced opener that has more features.


As shown above, a lot goes into buying a garage door. As such, attention to detail is of uttermost importance when looking for a garage door. Working with a knowledgeable and reputable salesperson can help ensure you get the best door for your needs. Using a manufacturer’s website to choose your garage door design is also advisable.