Can You Do China Direct Sourcing Service All by Yourself?

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Collaborating with local agents or trading firms makes practical sense for businesses with diverse operations. Managing suppliers and quality systems demands specific skills, experience, and on-site presence.

Supplier management without adequate resources can result in higher costs than agent services. Nonetheless, all companies have core products and seek direct control over their production and relationships.

Evolving markets require superior, cost-effective offerings, quick delivery, and enhanced user experiences.

Therefore, if you want to do China direct sourcing service, you must take the following steps.

  1. Find your product to import

Go for high-demand products to enhance business success by ensuring easier sales and higher profit.


  1. Find a few Chinese suppliers

Identifying a few Chinese suppliers is a challenging yet vital step in the China direct sourcing service process. Your supplier selection demands careful consideration.


  1. Request for a sample

Request product samples from your shortlisted suppliers for quality evaluation, a crucial factor shaping your business’s future.


  1. Place your order after negotiating payment terms

Place your order post quality approval, preceded by skilful price negotiation to ensure a profitable purchase.


  1. Preparing for your shipment

Please choose a shipping method wisely, as it dictates the final landed cost of your product.


  1. Shipping the goods from China

Smooth goods delivery depends on adequate preparation and complete paperwork, ensuring a hassle-free process.

How a reliable Chinese agent can help you?

China direct sourcing service will remain incomplete without involving a reliable Chinese agent who offers the following services:

  1. Offer market guide

A dependable China sourcing agent possesses extensive knowledge of the Chinese market, making them invaluable when choosing a product supplier.

A sourcing agent can present numerous options tailored to your convenience, allowing you to choose a supplier comfortably.

They provide valuable feedback on various suppliers, simplifying your decision-making process.

  1. Order tracking

Indeed, a reliable China sourcing agent’s deep understanding of the Chinese market is invaluable when selecting a product supplier.

This process is vital to meticulously monitor


  • Lead time
  • Delivery
  • Quantity
  • Product specifications

It ensures you are continuously informed about every aspect of your placed orders.

  1. Quality control


A skilled China sourcing agent will guarantee product quality through three distinct phases:

  • Initially, they ensure order accuracy in quality, quantity, and packaging before production initiation.
  • Subsequently, they conduct quality checks throughout the production phase.
  • Lastly, a final quality assessment occurs once the products are ready for shipping.


  1. Warehouse facility

Many China sourcing agents either possess their warehouse facilities or can secure warehouse space to assemble your ordered items, preparing them for shipping.


  1. Container loading

Your China sourcing agent follows a systematic approach: heavy items are placed on the floor, followed by lighter items on top.

Containers are tightly packed to prevent movement during transit. The agent manages logistics expertly, ensuring your shipment arrives in optimal condition in your country.


  1. China customs declaration

Once your containers are loaded for shipping, the subsequent crucial step involves interacting with Chinese customs authorities.

Your China sourcing agent ensures the meticulous presentation of all required documents to these authorities, guaranteeing a smooth process:

  • Cargo declaration list
  • Customs declaration list
  • Invoice
  • Original sales contract
  • Packing list
  • Verification form.


  1. Shipping

Your China sourcing agent will verify the packing list, invoice, and necessary documents such as:

  • CO (Certificate of Origin)
  • Fumigation certificate
  • Embassy Certificate.

Once all documents are in order, they will book a container and oversee the final shipping arrangements.

Moreover, your agent will collaborate with you to facilitate customs clearance if required. These measures are taken to guarantee the timely and successful receipt of your goods.


Selecting the right China sourcing agent is pivotal when engaging in China direct sourcing service. Acquiring premium products at fair prices and within deadline accelerates business growth.

Dedicate time to pick the optimal sourcing agent your company’s future expansion hinges on this strategic decision.