Decorated Rooms: What Do You Need To Know?

The bedroom is the place where you will rest, be more comfortable and recharge your batteries. For this very reason, it needs to be cozy and comfortable. You can visit

For more info or check out essential tips when choosing decorated rooms.

Practicality And Minimalism

If practicality is what counts most for you, the room in the photo below has everything to do with you. The head of the bed is in a panel fixed to the wall, which ensures easier cleaning and does not require a lot of available space.

This room is ideal for those who like to read before bed. The pair of lamps on the nightstands and the spotlights above the bed panel offers the option of directing the lighting well. Pastel colors and small paintings complete the harmonious and discreet decoration.

Romantic Touch

The headboard is made of a mix of wood and iron, reminiscent of the medieval style, making it a great option for those who like the romantic style. The curtains in light fabric and white color, in addition to the crystal chandelier, give a delicate and elegant touch. A refined room, but one that does not lack information but favors tranquility. Everything you need to sleep well.

Modern And Technological
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Perhaps your style is more modern, and you like rooms with a set of lights in the recessed plaster ceiling. The TV and the sound system stand out on the panel in front of the bed, ideal for watching all the series and movies you love.

An important detail: using a mirror along the entire wall where the bed is expanded the environment and adds sophistication. The armchair with a swivel seat is another option for resting and makes up the decor well, with a striped print in earth tones.

Feminine And Elegant

Wallpaper is one of the best allies for those looking for decorated rooms. This coating should be applied to only one wall of the room to create a completely personalized environment.

In the example below, the room was more feminine with the metallic floral print wallpaper. Some of the advantages of wallpaper are increased durability of the decoration (it can last a lifetime without defects) and easy cleaning (just a clean cloth is enough).

Another option is to create a sophisticated environment, combining two wall coverings in darker tones and highlighting the lighting. Note that on the wall where the headboard is located, a 3D cementitious coating was used (made from concrete in the form of slabs), which is very up-to-date and innovative. The room’s austere atmosphere prevails in this decor. But the white puffs and the red sculpture break the seriousness, being a daring touch perfect for the couple’s bedroom.