Automatic And Electric Vehicles: What Should Be Considered When Towing?

If you want to tow an automatic vehicle, select “N,” which corresponds to idling. In principle, however, automatic cars do not like being towed at all. The transmission oil pump will not work without the engine running. This means that numerous engine elements are no longer supplied with hydraulic oil and also run hot. From a distance of around 50 kilometers, it gets tricky with most automatic vehicles. However, some models have a particular “towing function” that can cut the connection between the drive axle and the transmission.

Caution is also advised with electric cars. Here the energy is usually obtained via an axis and flows from there directly into the battery. If the vehicle is now pulled, it will continue to produce energy. However, it can then no longer break it down because the engine is not running. The possible consequence is an overheated electricity storage system and even a fire in the worst case. E-cars should therefore only be towed over very short distances.

What Else Should You Watch Out For When Towing?

Do I have to turn on the hazard warning lights?

Yes, it is mandatory! If the hazard warning lights no longer work, you are not allowed to tow the car. In that case, you will need help from a towing service. A warning triangle in the rear window does not replace the flashing light but only provides additional safety.

How far can I tow a car?

Only until the next workshop. But not necessarily on the direct route: You first have to take the next exit on motorways. Then it goes on along country roads to the next workshop. A navigation device is a great advantage here.

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Can I also use the tow rope and towing eyes to recover a vehicle from the ditch?

No, that is forbidden because the components are not designed for the extreme tensile forces that arise during a rescue. The thread of the eyelets could tear, or the rope could break. This threatens serious secondary accidents.

How do you tow motorcycles?

Two-wheelers may only be transported on a transporter or trailer for you to tow a car. Search here to learn more (เรียนรู้เพิ่ม which is the term in Thai)