Find Out Why Your Cell Phone Is Getting Hot

Overheating is one of the technical problems faced by smartphone users. When the cell phone gets too hot, there can be something more serious behind it, and permanent damage can be caused, and the heat often being accompanied by sluggishness. Understand below how excessive temperature rise occurs, the possible reasons, and how to solve or prevent the disorder, in the case of repair it is advisable to use an expert such as  for instance.

When The Cell Phone Overheats

We’ve already seen that a bit of heat doesn’t hurt, but if your phone gets so hot that it’s uncomfortable to touch, something is wrong, especially if it happens often. In general, current cell phones are optimized to avoid this problem and even have mechanisms to deal with it. When the smartphone approaches too high a temperature, the processor slows down, and, in more severe cases, an alert is issued to reduce device usage.

The device can suffer various damages when it goes through overheats. One of them is in the battery, which deteriorates faster, reducing the duration of recharging and valuable life. It is very rare, but the battery can even explode in extreme situations. Another problem is in the system-on-a-chip (SoC), where the processor, graphics processing unit, memory, sensors, and modems for the various connections are located. The chipset speed sometimes drops to the point where the phone crashes, and if the high temperature lasts too long, it can even suffer physical damage.

Most smartphones are made to operate between 0º and 35º Celsius. Several user actions, intentional or not, can cause the limit to be exceeded. Many are associated with hardware overhead, but external factors should also be noted.

Battery And Charger

The lithium-ion batteries found in most cell phones are safe, but some units may be defective. Old batteries, already heavily charged and discharged, can overheat. If possible, replace the component to try to resolve the issue.

External Factors

As you can imagine, leaving the smartphone exposed to the sun or inside a closed car also heats the device. Avoid these situations as much as possible. Another external factor that many people neglect is the cape. These accessories are usually made of plastic or leather, materials that insulate the cell phone and reduce the heat generated. Removing the cape for a while may help.