Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

The calendar and the weather forecasts confirm that it’s to prepare your vehicle for the harsh winter conditions in Indianapolis. Just remember the snow, slush and cold temperatures. You need to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top condition so you or a family member doesn’t get stranded during a winter storm. Bloomington car dealerships remind you to take care of your vehicles to help keep your family safe.

Have the Basics

You need an ice scraper, booster cables, a shovel, a flashlight and extra batteries, bottled water, snack foods for energy like raisins, chocolate and energy bars, emergency flares and blankets or sleeping bags. Make sure you have an adapter so that you can charge your cell phone. Your cell phone is your lifeline to 911 and to your family.

Check Your Tires

Ensure your tires are in good condition. Depending on the terrain, consider whether you need “all-season” tires or winter tires. Make sure you have enough tread on your existing tires to drive through deep snow.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Wiper blades should be replaced annually. Consider replacing them with beam blades that aren’t likely to freeze up.

Have Your Battery Checked

No matter how winter ready your car is, it won’t do any good if your car won’t start. Get your battery checked. If your battery is on its last leg, be proactive and replace it now.

Check Your antifreeze

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Your engine coolant also protects in freezing weather. Most coolants last five years or 150,000 miles. But why take the risk? A polar air mass can take temperatures down to -20 or colder. You don’t want to take a chance with any of your vehicles.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure drops about 1 lb. per 10 degrees drop in temperature. Underinflated tires are dangerous. They don’t bite into the snow. Also check your valves. A cracked valve that fills with moisture will allow air to leak from your tire.

Top Off Your Washer Fluid

Dirty snow smears on your windshield reduce your visibility. And if it’s snowing too, reduced visibility from inside your car is a recipe for disaster. You might run off the road, hit a mailbox or even worse, hit a pedestrian or another car. Top off your windshield washer fluid.

Wax Your Lights

Clean your headlights and taillights. Wax the lens and then buff. Repeat to get a good clean and slippery surface. This last little tip helps slush fall off your exterior lights so that you can see and be seen.

Your Bloomington car dealerships are here if you need a new battery, new tires or service before Ole Man Winter hits the Indy area.