Six Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Car

Are you looking for performance auto parts to upgrade your vehicle or transform the way it looks? Start on the outside and work your way in. At Team C Performance Center, we have a wide array of exterior and interior accessories. With the right parts, you can swap out the factory generics your trustworthy taxi came with to create a fully customized vehicle.

Exterior Upgrades


Make a mark sliding into traffic with a stylish, upgraded front bumper. As a bonus, a lighter bumper like the Ford Performance Parts M-17757-MB will reduce the total weight of your car, making it more responsive when driven. While you’re at it, give the people you’re leaving in the dust something to look at and upgrade your rear bumper, too.

License Plate Frame

One quick and affordable way to add personality to your car is with a license plate frame. These are available in a wide variety of frame styles. Some come with eye catching colors and logos, while others can be installed with LED lights.


Another high-impact performance auto part is your front grille. These bold, statement-making pieces are both stylish and functional. We offer several options with fog light openings and swappable grille emblems.


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Do you want to add a shot of classic style to your car? Changing up the side mirrors will give you a good view of the envious stares of other car enthusiasts as you roll on by. The Mr. Gasket 8218GMRG Swan Neck Mirrors combine round mirrors with polished stainless steel swan neck mounting arms, creating a slick retro style.

Interior Upgrades

Floor Mats

These are easy to overlook, but can make a big difference in your driving experience. If you have a classic car, you know how important it is to have floor mats that will protect the interior and stay in place. We recommend one of the Hurst Floor Mat Kits. These quality 2 or 4 piece sets feature the Hurst logo and a nonslip backing, offering exceptional protection to the footwells.

Steering Wheels

What’s the most important seat in the car? The driver’s seat. You’ll look stylish and upgrade your control over your vehicle with a performance steering wheel kit. We carry several raptor-style kits which feature luxurious black leather, contrasting top stitching, ergonomic design, and steering wheel controls.

The Team C Difference

When you’re looking for performance auto parts, you want a company you can trust. TMC Performance Center has served California auto enthusiasts for over 40 years. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or just a small upgrade, we can set you up. Contact us today with any questions and our team of experts will get back to you within 24 hours.