How Melbourne’s Nightlife Has Boosted Injected $310 Million Into The City’s Economy

Melbourne is a vibrant city with an equally vibrant nightlife. The city has a booming bar, club and live music scene that fills the city centre every weekend and spreads to inner neighbourhoods in any given day. According to economic reports, the city’s economy has grown by $310 million to reach $3.5 billion between 2018 and 2019. This growth is due thanks in part to the increased spending in the food and entertainment industry. The number of pubs may have dropped over the last year but there is a growth in the number of other night time entertainment and food places than there were 12 months ago.

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Melbourne’s nightlife has been boosted by the government and the local council taking decisive steps to make sure that the city ran for 24/7. Instead of enforcing lockout laws in a bid to curb crime in the city the government pledged 24-hour public transport over the weekend ensuring that people can still go home safely when they have had a lot to drink. There are all night trains, late-night buses and coach services making the city more accessible. The feeling of safety and accessibility is what is driving the economic boom that Melbourne is experiencing.

When cities like Sydney suffered under lockout laws Melbourne thrived with pubs and clubs inviting punters in the warm embrace of rock, techno and house music being played in various clubbing institutions and pubs. The biggest names in music are constantly playing at various places and there seems to be a concert being hosted every month.

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Melbourne also has a diverse offering to suit different kinds of people, there are places that cater to different tastes. You can find spots where you can listen to live music whilst enjoying a nice meal. Forego the hot and sweaty night club scene and take a stroll through the Victoria Night Market  on the corner of Queen and Therry Street. The market is open on Wednesdays and features a host of street vendors  and entertainers. You could experience what living on the edge is like by visiting the Eureka  Skydeck -and get a view off the city from 330 meters off the ground.  If gambling is more your speed, the Crown Melbourne is a great place to be. The Crown is more than just a Casino but it is an integrated resort with world class restaurants and entertainment facilities. You can also do a spot of shopping whilst you are at it. The main draw card is of course the assorted games of chance that you can play from poker to Blackjack and other classic casino games.

The Yarra River offers a variety of opportunities for late-night entertainment.. Why settle for a conventional dinner in the city when you can enjoy great food, music and scene from The Spirit of Melbourne, a cruising restaurant that operates from Thursday to Saturdays . besides, the touristy things that you can do at night, the drinking and dancing to techno, there is also another big industry that has contributed to the Australian entertainment industry and that is the adult entertainment industry. One of Melbourne most notorious adult entertainment club is re-opening, Bar 20. Bar 20 will be located on king st and boasts some of Melbourne’s most glamorous girls.

The nightlife in Melbourne is growing and boosting the economy of the city mainly because the city is a relatively safe city that doesn’t have a lot of violent venues or an illicit drug register which means people are free to go about their business without the government intervention dictating what they can or cannot do or how long they can do it for.