How to find the spiritual relationship between you and plant?

Many times since the early centuries, there has been a deeper connection between human beings and nature. The origins of the Amazon forest have been born and bred inside the Peruvian rainforests, in close connection with the plant and animal life, with deep respect for each other.  For the people there the forests and trees were not only their home but also their pharmacy and heaven. The respected and learned people of the Shipibo tribe work at their temples in healing people who come to them.  Ayahuasca is one of the best plant healers which come in the form of a medical brew being prepared from banisteriopsis caapi, psychotria viridis and other plant ingredients.

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There are shamans in the Peruvian culture who spend their lifetimes healing and learning the techniques to helping people.  Ayahuasca or yage as it is called has been used by the tribal people since centuries and is now being touted as modern medical miracle for many of newer ailments.  It has become so popular and effective in curing or at least reducing mental issues like depressions, past life trauma, anxiety and even physical ailments.  People flock to the Peruvian retreats to go through the ayahuasca therapy under the leadership of experience shamans.  Many individuals from other countries also dedicate their lives to becoming shamans to help people, one among them being  Sophia Roy Choudhury. She is a trained specialist in past life regression, rebirthing and inner child healing. She is also a trained and experience shaman along with being a certified psychological counselor. She facilitates workshops and training sessions. Her services to defense and police department are free of cost, dedicated to the revered memory of her courageous army office son who gave up his life for his country.

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Conclusive summary

The concept and intake of ayahuasca and its marvelous benefits is becoming widespread globally.  People from other countries are also taking an active interest in the usage of this natural healing brew and its effect on mankind. But although other clinical forms of this natural herb are emerging namely called pharmahuasca , it is recommended that you experience the ayahuasca retreat in Peru for the effective and appropriate treatment. It is a natural medication and will work well if you take the proper way with the guidance of the Shipibo shamans and of course ones who are knowledgeable as well as ethical.  You can visit this website for more details and get yourself updated.