Ingredients in Relaxed Wanderer

Relaxed Wanderer has various health benefits including its ability to soothe an overly rigid liver. It has the potential to nourish a compromised stomach or spleen. It helps regulate menstruation and will reduce some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It consists of various ingredients that work together to produce these benefits. 

One ingredient in Relaxed Wanderer is Dong Quai root, which has the ability to regulate menstruation by balancing estrogen levels. It has the ability to lower levels if they’re too high and raise them if they’re too low. Dong Quai acts as an antispasmodic, which eases cramps from premenstrual syndrome. 

White peony root has a positive impact on those who experience menstrual difficulties. Additionally, it has an effect on the liver, stomach, intestines and spleen. White atractylodes rhizome has similar benefits. In particular, it fights ulcers and protects the liver. This herb adjusts gastrointestinal motility. 

Poria is a mushroom that possesses anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it’ll reduce inflammation in the digestive region. The herb is known for aiding with digestive issues such as constipation, acidity and diarrhea. It enhances the discharge of digestive fluids in order to promote better digestion and aid in the digestion process. Poria has been used to optimized kidney, spleen and liver health. 

Bupleurum root is a natural liver detoxifier, meaning it helps remove toxins that accumulate in the liver. The liver takes a beating, especially in those who eat processed foods, drink alcohol, inhale pollution or take certain medications. Bupleurum root promotes liver health. Additionally, a woman’s cycle has the potential to induce depression. This root naturally treats depression related to menstruation by promoting the flow of “energy” throughout the body. Not only is it used to combat the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, it’s also used to help with menopause. 

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Sichuan lovage rhizome is another ingredient in Relaxed Wanderer that helps with stomach issues. For instance, it’s used as a natural remedy for indigestion, heartburn and stomach bloating. It’s been used in people who have stomach bloating as well. Sichuan lovage rhizome regulates menstruation and may help with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as migraine headaches.

Relaxed Wanderer also consists of Chinese mint herb, a natural ingredient used to promote liver health. It has Chinese licorice root as well, which detoxifies the body, meaning it helps to remove toxins from the body. It helps relieve cramps including stomach cramps and cramps from menstruation. Chinese licorice root is most commonly used to treat stomach conditions such as ulcers, heartburn and indigestion. It’s beneficial for relieving inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract. Other ingredients in Relaxed Wanderer include tree peony root bark, gardenia fruit, gastrodia rhizome, Cyperus rhizome and dried ginger rhizome.