Timing is important in buying a car

When you are thinking about getting a new car, or a car that is new to you at least, it is a good idea to have some strategies in mind. There are three basic things to get lined up in order to have the best bargaining position. A combination of when dealers are offering incentives, the end of the month, and certain days of the week, will put you in the best position with dealerships in Indiana.

If you are getting a new car, of course, the best strategy is to look for the best dealer incentives. You can still get a new car that is last year’s version, with a good deal as soon as this year’s edition is released. That is in August or September. When the new models are coming, dealers have to get rid of the previous year’s models, so you can get a good deal on a new one-year-old car. 

This can also affect dealerships in Indiana that are focused on used cars. When the new cars come out, that is going to affect every other car, so that can as a byproduct give you a better chance at a good deal.

Also, realize that car sales staff get bonuses each month based on the number of sales they make.  This usually based on the calendar month, so those last few days of the month should get a good time to go car shopping. The bonuses are an all-or-nothing proposition for the salesman. If he is going to get a bonus for selling 50 cars, and he sells 49, he will get nothing. At the end of the month you are more likely to catch one that needs just one or two more sales to get that bonus, so your chances just got a lot better.

Car dealers also often have sales on the weekend, which sounds good, but these may not really be the best deals. There will also be a lot of people around, and salesmen may figure they don’t need to haggle as much to make a sale because there are more people looking. Sales are designed to increase traffic, not necessarily to offer the best discounts.

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Traditionally Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest days of the week, so you will find salesmen more willing to take time with you, and to take longer to work out the deal.  

So in conclusion, to get the best deal you need to try to line up three crucial things. You need to know when the dealer incentives are happening and combine that with getting as close to the last day of the month as you can. Then make sure this is a Tuesday or Wednesday, and you will be in the position to get the best deal from car dealerships in Indiana.