Top 3 Myths About Condo in Ari area Debunked

Extensive research, a lot of logical thinking, and careful analysis will contribute together in purchasing the right condo. This will be a big decision in terms of money and life. But if you are on the fence about buying the Condo in Ari area [คอน โด แถว อารีย์, which is the term in Thai] owing to some misconceptions, then it is time to debunk the myths and know the facts. It will help you to make the right financial decision at the right time too.

Myth #1: the condo will last for 50 years only.

You may say that this myth is the most widely0held misconception. According to some laws, there can be mention of the lifespan being 50 years for the condo. But that applies only to the condemned buildings. Nowadays, the developers use premium quality materials for making the condo. As there is not much deterioration of the building in 50 years, you have many options of renovating or remodeling the property for upgrades.

Myth #2: condos are unsafe.

The above myth is a big contradiction to the strict safety policies that the condominium associations have to implement. If you follow all the guidelines than the Condo in Ari area. I completely safe for staying. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, and fire detectors are the standard requirement for each unit. The association will also arrange for regular fire and earthquake drills.
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Myth #3: Condos are very expensive.

This myth has been barring many from even dreaming about buying the condo. But the condos are now much affordable, especially if you are buying in the pre-selling phase. You have got flexible payment plans and availability of loans to get rid of the financial burden too. So what are you waiting for? Arrange for the finance and own your condo as soon as possible.