Top10 Sunglasses for Girlboss

Being a Girlboss is being the new woman. HashtagGirlboss is amongst the most popular trends prevalent in youths today on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The term girlboss is synonymous to being confident, fearless, ambitious, successful and capable. A girlboss stands out from the crowd, and her ways are unconventional and modern. She breaks the stereotypical image of women otherwise deemed to be weak and subordinate.

Girlbosses are a real example of “empowered women.” It is all about their personality which reflects the confident image. And when it comes to reflecting confidence in personality, sunglasses add the magic.

Let us take a quick look at the ten top sunglasses for Girlboss.

  1. Oversized cateyes sunglasses

Faith sunglass from Sojos Vision tops the list with its anti-glare glasses which give complete blockage from UVA and UVB radiations. It protects your eyes from getting damagedafter being exposed to the UV radiations. Apart from its high-quality resistance power, its 60mm wide and 52mm long size adds sassiness to your girlboss image.

It comes in five color variants with three options of frames like Matte black frame, gold frame,and silver frame with different color lenses like gradient grey, silver, blue, pink, and red mirrored glasses. You can look for these glasses on

  1. Patterned Frames

The horn-rimmed tortoiseshell glasses are the new age glasses. The usual brown palette of the tortoiseshell is no more in demand as the recent trends has added unique hue to it. Snow Leopard, brown teal, blue, and lavender are some of the most popular colors of the tortoiseshell trend from Vint& York and Thelma. These are highly demanded by the girlbosses who wear glasses and embrace the beauty in it. Get yours now at

  1. Aviator shaped

Empowered by Sojos Vision is a popular range of oversized aviators. These go reasonably well with all face shapes and sizes. These glasses match the current age mantra “bigger is better” perfectly. It further enhances your girlboss image and that too with an attitude. As the name itself suggests, these glasses highlight the empowerment that the girlbosses have in them.Shop for these glasses on

  1. Bling it on

The embellished sunglasses will never lose its fame. With the current obsession and love for sunglasses, these surely are one of the favorites to girlbosses. Although some prefer carrying such blings on occasional affairs, the others switch to it for every day. The most popular brands for embellished oversized sunglasses are Dolce &Gabbana, Givenchy, and MiuMiu. So just bling it on!Shop for these at

  1. Small Square Sunglasses

Motivation sunglasses by Sojos Vision are small square sunglasses. It is 51x45mm in size and suits small structured faces very well. The eye beats the other current trend of wearing oversized glasses and adds much elegance to the girlboss image of yours. The Motivation glasses come with similar anti-glare properties and UV protection lenses to soothe your eyes from the scorching sun. You can find these at

  1. Oversized  Square Sunglasses
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Sojos Vision’s range of Bless sunglasses sinks in well with the current oversized sunglass trend. The shape goes perfect with oval faces and accentuates the features. These oversized square glassescome in seven color variants to provide your sassiness with what it needs! Just go to get these glasses rightaway.

  1. Round sunglasses

This range of sunglasses by Sojos Vision is anti-reflective with HD polarized lenses which protects your eyes from the sun causing damage and UVA and UVB radiations. The Classicasunglasses go well with long faces and give you a chic look you desire. The polarized lenses make it efficient in terms of quality standards, that too in a pocket-friendly budget.Shop for them online at

  1. Slim Lenses

Although the current fashion trend inclines more towards oversized frames, the ultra-slim lenses are another matter of buzz in the fashionistas. Rectangular and triangular shaped ultra slim lenses have been sported around by many celebrities across the world. It can go well with both, long and small faces. However, with long faces, these tiny lenses enhance the confident appearance.  You can get these at

  1. Shield Sunglasses

The Shield sunglasses cover most of the area of your face with its huge shapes. Hence, it provides maximum protection as its coverage area is large. Shield glasses have a single supersizecolored glass with a frame at the top that covers eyes and bridge of the nose. These sunglasses top the latest Spring collection. Buy these and similar ones at修改链接

  1. Classical CateyesSunglasses

The ultra-long square sunglasses add funkiness to your boss lady or girlboss image. It swears by the same theory that bigger is better which has been the most popular trend in the last few years. Several celebrities are spotted sporting similar giant sunglasses to beat the otherwise dull look. Buy this piece at


Sunglasses add the glam factor to your look on all occasions. The wide range of sunglasses available in the fashion world today comes in all shapes and sizes. So, whether one desires a funky look, chic look or boss look: the sunglasses will give them all. The above mentioned latest sunglass trends would guide you to pick the best for yourself.