Decorate your house in a rustic style

Modern rustic home designs are commonly used for decorating the farmhouse. There are some natural and preserved architectural elements, modern furniture etc. to give a modern look to your home. This kind of the style is an informal elegance which consists of modern and comfortable living in your house.  There are some natural materials used to give a rustic look to your home and farmhouse.

Stone and wood

There are many people who love to bring the nature inside the house. If your house is too old then you should show off the stone wall of the house, expose the beam etc. You can also include a stone fireplace and use the reclaimed wood for enhancing the natural beauty of the house. You should not forget the fifth wall ceiling of the house. You can also use the cedar wood for decorating the ceilings. If you want to give a rustic look then you can also use large woodenbeams with the ceilings.

Natural fabrics

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You can also use simple and plain upholstery in your house. Furthermore, the use of natural animal rugs, plain linen and some natural fabric elements in your house will help you to get a rustic look. If you love to use the simple and natural elements for decorating your house then you can go with this style. Cowhides are often popular for the modern rustic decoration styles.

Modern furniture and amenities

You should use the mid century furniture with this style because these are made up of wood and leather. There are many people who think that modern furniture doesnot fit in the rustic style, but, you can style your home adding some unique and modern furniture in your rustic home. You can also cover the furniture with the natural and animal cowhide rugs.