What to Consider When Selecting Commercial Floors for Your Business

The floor covering you use in your commercial space will go a long way toward helping you define the business you are running. Regardless of whether it’s an industrial, retail or office space, the flooring impacts the impression your space provides to everyone who encounters it. That’s why it’s so important to choose your flooring wisely.

While you may have other criteria for your own business’ needs, the following are the top three factors to consider when striving to make the best choice possible for your commercial floors, whether your commercial space is a remodel or new construction.


The impact of traffic on a floor is a significant factor in considering the materials that make up its surface. For instance, an office building with few employees doesn’t require a floor with heavy durability. Instead, commercial hardwood flooring or carpets are ideal because they give the environment a comfortable feeling.

However, a space with significantly more traffic, such as an office with more than 100 employees or where carts or deliveries are frequent occurrences might require commercial floors to have more durable surfaces, so they won’t get easily worn. Materials such as ceramic tile or vinyl are ideal choices. For a durable material that’s also pleasing to the eye, glass block flooring is a great choice.


Of course, you want your commercial floors to look good. After all, that’s part of what sets the tone for the statement your business is aiming to make.

One thing to consider when considering floors for a retail space, is the amount of work needed to keep it clean and visually appealing. For these kind of environments, such durable materials as hardwood or vinyl work well.

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Believe it or not, a concrete floor with a stain in an attractive color, high polish and sealer sets the tone for a sleek, modern space at a relatively low cost to install and maintain.


With so many different flooring options available, there are several things to consider. The budget is the deciding factor in carrying out your plans. You’ll need to figure the cost of your materials and installation. But don’t forget to factor in how much it will take to keep your floors maintained. That long-range planning will save you a lot of headaches in the end.


Once you know how durable your floor needs to be, what kind of materials fit the look and purpose of the space, and how much it will cost to bring the project about, you’re that much closer to bringing your vision to reality.