What To Know About Watches For Different Occasions?

Never underestimate the power of a watch on your wrist. See which model best fits your look in each occasion of your routine to prepare better and not make mistakes in the look.

At Home

In the home environment, the goal is to be comfortable at all times, so it is best to opt for the simplest model to meet only the need to check the time. It doesn’t matter if the model is analog or digital at home; whichever makes the user more comfortable can be used.

It is best to avoid the metal bracelet as it can get caught somewhere like the sofa or clothes and damage them. As there is also the habit of falling asleep, choosing a lighter and simpler model can be ideal to avoid making the person uncomfortable while sleeping.

As some household tasks are also quite every day, the idea is to choose the watch like Rolex oyster that can get wet, fall to the ground or suffer impacts without suffering damage or at least not being a significant (and expensive) loss.
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At Work

During work, the important thing is that the model is not too flashy or gets in the way of the tasks that need to be done. A more serious and professional look should be adopted. Choosing an analog model with a metal or leather strap is better if the workplace is more flexible and allows for casual clothing.

Depending on the tasks that must be performed, the model should not interfere with the execution of movements that require mobility. If any uniform is used, care must be taken when choosing the watch so that it is not too obvious or does not match the outfit.

With suits, the classic watch is the most suitable. Attention to accidents that can occur during work and that could damage the accessory must also be kept. If the work poses excessive risks, it is best to opt for a practical and straightforward model that does not require a high price.