When Do I Need A Server In My Company?

A server is a computer specifically designed to process information and programs, and distribute them among the computers that are connected to it. They are designed to handle higher workloads or that are always available, and users can access their resources, whether software, data, etc.

They allow us, among other things, the creation of user profiles, passwords, remote administration, etc. Specifically, it can be used as a domain controller, database, web page server, network server, mail server, accounting programs, CRM or ERP.

When Do I Need A Server In My Company?

  1. If the number of users on the network is greater than five. It will improve work and organization by having data and resources centralized.
  1. If you need to create user profiles and establish usage policies for data, devices connected to the network, etc. That is to say, if you want users to be able to access according to what things based on their user or the group to which they belong.

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  1. If you have employees who work outside the office, you need to have a Dell PowerEdge R740 These people can remotely connect to the network and access information and resources, regardless of where they are. To connect to the network securely, you need to establish a VPN connection.
  1. If you have employees who share documents on different computers. In that case, it cannot be avoided that one day by mistake, a document is deleted or that there are several versions of the same document. Thus, you need a server that centralizes the creation and modification of documents.
  1. If you want to have data backups and the possibility of restoration and disaster recovery. In an ideal situation, we install the agent on the server that copies the system every x minutes. The data is stored locally on the backup hardware, and at the same time, the information is duplicated in a remote data center.