2 Valuable Tips for Gat Pat Exam Preparation

Facing the final test for the first time can be overwhelming. Upon entering high school, students are expected to have study skills to write exams that review 3-4 months of valuable information in one sitting. Some basic tips need to be followed to prepare for the gat pat exam preparation [เตรียม สอบ gat pat, Which is the term in Thai] for admission to Triam Udom University. It is important to know basic study strategies that will ensure success and reduce anxiety. Here are some helpful study tips.


Preparing in advance


It would seem to be a clear tip to prepare in advance during the study. However, often students do not realize how much less stressful the study process can be if they finish their notes ahead of time. Instead of completing the reviews a few days before the exam, even the day before the exam, complete them a week in advance so that they can do what they need to do to memorize the days before the exam. Preparation is the most effective way to reduce a student’s anxiety and the most effective way to ensure success.


Reuse important questions


Many students drop their exams once they see the mark and don’t realize how much the resource unit exam can be. Teachers build their exams around the most important concepts of words, therefore, they can reuse important questions from their unit exams. Furthermore, students have their corrections in exams so that parents can feel confident that their child is studying the right way to do something.


Creating a concise web for each question, planning an argument that will contain the main idea, and identifying which texts are most appropriate for the question will reduce the pressure to bring an essay on the spot. Also, pre-planning can save students a lot of time which they can put towards the quality of their essays.