9 Practical Tips If You’re Planning To Organize A High School Reunion

If you want to take nostalgia lots of notches higher, staging a high school reunion is one way to do it. But doing so entails detailed planning and communication. You need to get the word out, book a venue, and find one of the best local caterers for parties.

Dreaming of holding a memorable reunion with your high school buddies? Check these nine practical tips we’ve compiled just for you!

Form a committee. Organizing a high school reunion cannot be done by just one or two people. You need to form a committee to be composed of key persons who will oversee the different aspects of the event. Typically, this will comprise a chair, a treasurer, a promoter, and a producer.

Plan early. After high school, people, even the closest of cliques, go on separate ways. If you want to get high attendance from your classmates in your reunion, you need to plan ahead of time and finalize your reunion date. Make a checklist of the things you need to do (e.g. Scouting one of the best local caterers for parties).

Settle down with a theme. Prom night. Hollywood. Holiday party. There are different options to choose from when it comes to reunion themes. But what makes a theme more special is the presence of throwback elements from your high school days — for instance, decorating the venue with movie posters popular back then or playing the music you’ve all listened to during high school.

Book a venue. This is a crucial item off your checklist. Whether it’s your favorite hangout back in the day or your campus stadium itself, you need to book it in advance and ensure that it can provide ample space for your attendees and for the activities you plan to do.

Get in touch with your classmates. This is probably one of the most difficult things you have to do, but doing so will give you a big sense of accomplishment. You can efficiently do so by finding them on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Form an online group afterward to cascade information effectively.

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Create the event program thoughtfully. To maximize the time you will be spending together with your high school classmates, come up with a program filled with fun and nostalgia-inducing activities.

Prepare your menu. If you ask local caterers for parties, food does create a huge difference in making any event successful or not. Offer variety on your menu and consider possible health interests and dietary requirements. You can also recreate a popular dish from your high school days.

Don’t forget the documentation. Reunions create great memories. Never make this mistake of not getting a documentation team to capture the best moments of the occasion. You can also set up a photo booth to add a dash of enjoyment to the event.

Stay connected. Reunions don’t stop in giving out souvenirs or thanking the attendees and the committees. If you plan to make it a tradition in the future, you need to stay connected with each other.

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