Arabic Jewelry- Origin, Meaning, Symbol And Utility

Arabic jewelry is considered to be the most beautiful designer jewelry in the whole world. This is due to its intricate designs and the use of precious gems and stones. Arabic jewelry is mostly found in gold because it is their most favored metal. The gold from the Arabian and middle eastern countries is the world’s best. offers varieties of Arabic Jewelry which is favored by both the sexes. This jewelry are commonly exchanged in the Arabian community. But there is a little twist because men in Islam are forbidden to wear gold.

History Of Arabic Jewelry

Jewelry is always an attractive piece of body decoration, that got real importance when the Egyptian civilization venerated people for using jewels. It was thought that stones, gems, gold hold a supernatural power. When worn by the wealthy they possess magical power.

After the era vanished, the jewels and the jewelry never lost its tradition of being worn for any sacred purpose. Gold, gems, and stones still hold great importance in Arabic countries. Not just Arabic countries, Arabic jewelry is used all over the world for a similar purpose. The fascinating designs of this jewelry are what make people go crazy over a piece of Arabic Jewelry.

Epitome Of Love

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Arabic jewelry holds a special place in women’s hearts because these jewels are gifted to them by their husbands. It is an epitome of love. Arabic jewelry is also considered as a token of respect and security for the women. It is a sign of love and respect and as well as a symbol of the husband’s economic stability.

A Mark Of Social Status

Gold has always been a symbol of social status for the rich from the ancient period. If we dive into the history of Arab we will find great pharaohs, who have had possession of gold, silver, stones, gems, etc. They covered themselves in precious stones to show their social status and wealth. Men and women both used to cover the body with ornaments made from precious stones.


Arabic Jewelry is generally made from pure gold because gold is considered a precious metal that has supernatural abilities. It can protect your body and aura from encountering evil Spirits. You will find Allah’s name on pendants, precious stones that protect you from evil’s eyes. The colitis, kook designs of Arabic Jewelry makes it a show-stealer even if you wear something costlier than it!