Customize Your Shirts

Silkscreen printing is also known as the art of screen printing, as we already know, this technique is explained, such as the development of spreading that creates prints of figures on a specific material, that is why in รับสกรีนเสื้อ T-shirts we make each print a unique design so that you can show off your personality and thus your clothes reflect who you are. We intend to highlight your originality with styles created with you in mind.

If you want to learn about the screen printing process, remember that this is our art and this time we would like to share with you some elements that we use to make your design.

How We Screenprint

This is a beautiful art, which includes carrying out a series of processes to carry out the work with quality and originality, that is why today we want to show you the entire process of screen printing, which involves making your dream design and understand our passion for this art. From a small image, the expert in this technique originates a template for each colour you want to place in your design. How is it done? With a sheet of archival paper, it is inserted under one of these templates, then one of the colours we choose for the design is spilt on the template, to spread the colour on the template a rubber brush is used.

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Wear Your Design On Your Shirt

Now all that remains is to wait for all the colours to dry well, and verify that all the colours are correct to start making your favourite design in the garment that you like, with these designs you will always look different using the silkscreen printing technique.

How you could read the screen printing process is quite simple, but you always have to take care of the details when making the design.