Bagpipes As You make the Choice: The best Simply

There are currently three types of bagpipes available in the Scottish Highlands: bagpipes of British origin, bagpipes produced in other countries, and bagpipes of Pakistan.


Needless to say, many brands have decades or even a hundred years of history. Their quality and sound are also impeccable. Those who have bought such a bagpipe, if there is not a band that needs to use the same bagpipe or pursue those carved decorations of pure gold and silver, they can basically use it for a lifetime. With the used bagpipes for sale now this option happens to be the  most useful one.


The second case is more numerous. Some countries have exquisite craftsmanship in making bagpipes, which are almost the same as those made in Britain. Such bagpipes are the same as the first. There are also some inferior production techniques, so that the sound and appearance of the bagpipes are slightly different. But friends who have less contact with bagpipes are actually difficult to distinguish without comparison, and they can fully satisfy their entertainment use. This bagpipe is also well accepted by everyone due to its price advantage.


This bagpipe is mainly produced in Pakistan and other places and is collectively referred to as Pakistan bagpipe. Its shape and the unique accessories of each part of the bagpipes. I believe that everyone who bought this bagpipe 

Making Rough Pakistan Bagpipes

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Friends, when they saw his first face, he was discouraged. This bagpipe is completely unplayable, but he has an advantage that other bagpipes cannot match, the price! Two or three thousand yuan can enter a bagpipe. There are even some friends who bought it at dozens of pounds at a souvenir shop in Scotland. Many friends looked at the introductions that were not very clear on some websites, and bought two or three pictures, but they couldn’t perform it after spending money. Scottish bagpipes are Western instruments. Compared with Chinese folk music, the price is much more expensive, and in China it is a niche, which has not reached the popularity, so do not think that you can buy better with less money, I hope no one will leave This detour.


British-made bagpipes are almost the same as the airbags used in bagpipes produced in other countries, and these big-name bag manufacturers have been selected. Bannatyne, Canmore, Ross, Gannaway are all good choices. Many countries use their own airbags, including synthetic materials and cortical airbags, most of which are cortical airbags. With the best practice chanter to play with  you can now expect the best sound.

The inside of ROSS is synthetic material, and the outer layer is leather

Airbags are consumables and have a certain life span. The life of general synthetic airbags is slightly shorter than that of leather airbags, but it is easy to use and requires no maintenance. Cortical airbags need to be treated with special oil during use, and saliva treatment after playing is more complicated than synthetic airbags. Cortical airbags also feel slightly harder than synthetic airbags. The choice of airbags is entirely a matter of personal preference. However, we must ensure good airtightness, so as to bring better performance to everyone.

(The small box and tube in the picture are humidity controllers (filters) to protect the reed from humidity affecting the sound quality.)