How to extend the lifespan of your vape?

Prolonging the life of your vape implies appropriately utilizing every one of the parts of the vape so they can work close by one another for a more drawn out timeframe. We should talk about every part of your gadget to figure out how you can utilize your vape to its maximum capacity.

The Battery

There are two different kinds of batteries used in RPM80; that is, inside batteries and outside batteries. Inward batteries are those worked inside the gadget, these cannot be supplanted. Outer batteries are for gadgets worked without a battery. These batteries are obtained independently and afterward introduced into the gadget. The lifetime for both these batteries around normal is 1 year. In any case, when the battery for an inner gadget can never again be charged, you should buy a whole new gadget. For an outer battery gadget, you may buy new batteries to supplant your old ones and you’re prepared to begin vaping.

To ensure your batteries last, in any event, the 1 year they are intended for, there are a couple of steps you can take to forestall harming your batteries.

  • If you see your vape as at half battery abstain from reviving it until it is a lot of lower in control or totally out of charge.
  • Do not keep your batteries at 100% charge consistently.
  • Store your batteries in a cool area… Not excessively cold and not very hot.
  • Do not utilize old batteries with new batteries. For instance, with a double outside battery gadget don’t utilize one battery you obtained several months back with a battery bought a week ago

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Utilizing your coils erroneously will constrain you to buy more than you need. You will end up spending a lot of coils that way. A few hints for coils are:

  • Learn how to accurately prime your coils.
  • Use coils that are intended for the wattage you run your gadget at. Your coils will have a wattage range composed of them. Find that to know the ideal wattage for your coil


Your vape juice can influence to what extent your coils will last. If you regularly buy sweet or pastry flavors your coils will consume significantly speedier. To abstain from supplanting coils each couple of days, buy an e-liquid that doesn’t have sugar. The sugar in better flavors stalls out in the cotton of the coil and powers it to consume quicker.


When amassing your tank make a point to not harm the elastic o-rings put on the tank. When these o-rings are harmed your tank will spill.

Taking everything into account, caring for every segment of your RPM80 Kit vape won’t just expand its life yet in addition limit the sum you spend on new parts.