Home Renovation Ideas That Will Instantly Transform Your Space

If you don’t have a good budget or less time, then small acts like light bulbs, changing the color of walls or a bit more can transform your space completely. By minor changes, your place can feel fresh, refined and trendy.  

First of all, we shouldn’t be afraid of black. The soft black paint in a home bedroom will make it look special in ways you would never be able to achieve with lighter hues. Choosing eclectic furniture will add to the charm of the room.  

If you are thinking of styling an empty fireplace, covert into a gallery where pottery and different artworks can be displayed. You can restyle your bookshelf also. You can add décor accessories such as vases and sculptures to break up the monotony of a wall of books. You can arrange your books by color coordination. If you have books of bright colors, it will enhance the look.  

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If your house room is a bit cold, sheepskin throws are the easiest solution. It brings warmth and comfort and you can move throughout your space according to your needs. You may add a canopy in your bedroom if you want to transform it into a palace fit for royalty. It will give ethereal look to the room. Color-block your wall for a graphic statement. Paint half of it a bold color or opt for two neutral tones.  

You don’t need all home walls to accent wallpaper. Just pick a wall and accent it. If there is a simple wall, make it super-excited by over-sized artwork. Try to choose something vibrant and abstract. Install new lightings, paint your floors, introduce contrasts, play with proportion, introduce florals, mix in metallics, hang on antique, hang colorful curtains, etc.