How Do You Take Your Weed?

With the pro-marijuana laws being passed left and right over the past few years, it’s become less taboo to talk about the best ways to feel the effects of medical marijuana. Whether you’re new to the scene or old hat from way back, there may be some ways to ‘take’ your marijuana that you don’t know about. We’re here to help you figure out the best way for you to enjoy taking your medication. We also give you small breakdowns of the differences between similar methods.

Baked Goods & Smoothies

While most people have probably heard about baking brownies that can get you, well, baked, chances are you probably haven’t heard of all the other delicious things you can cook with marijuana. From cookies and brownies to breads and muffins, smoothies and shakes and even teas, oils and butter, you can make just about anything with marijuana. This is a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite strain of weed.


If you’re feeling full and smoking isn’t for you, using a vaporizer can be a great alternative for you. A vaporizer works by basically steaming the herb, allowing you to get high by simply inhaling the steam that it puts off. This is one of the easiest ways to get high and requires very little prep time (as opposed to cooking with it).


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Even with the advents of eating and vaporizing weed, many still prefer using a bong. This is likely because water filtration removes toxins as well as cancer-causing compounds associated with smoking. It also helps reduce the temperature of the smoke, which means it’s easier to inhale. This also helps to reduce irritation usually caused by smoking. Bongs can be made with many varied materials, including ceramic, acrylic, bamboo, and glass. These can also be a fun way to show off your style, as they can be made in a wide array of sizes and shapes.


This is a great way to use marijuana. It’s compact enough to take with you and to use in public. Like the bongs, it can come in a variety of materials and styles. But a rather newer style can be found here, . The creative people over at Smokea have made comfortable and fun pipes out of silicone. This allows for tons of customization while giving you only the best in comfort. Other popular kinds of pipes include glass that changes colors the more you use it, stone and metal numbers, and, naturally, hardwood.

For an untold amount of people, marijuana has been a relief to mental, emotional, and physical ailments. It brings happiness and healthiness to countless suffering people. Making sure that there is a healthy, comfortable way for anyone choosing to use marijuana is important. While there are still other great ways to take your medicine, these are typically the most enjoyable, easiest ways to do so.

As with any other medical advice, we suggest doing your own independent research as well as talking to your doctor before trying out these methods. You may have to alter dosages depending on what method you use. Methods of use can also affect how long it’ll take to start affecting you.