Slot types: what are they and what is to know about them?

Anyone who is starting to bet on online 롤링 총판 needs to know that there are 5 main types of slots: Classic Slots, Video Slots, Progressive Slots, Mega ways Slots, and Licensed Slots. See below a little about each one.

Classic slots –

The Classics are the originals, which appeared with the physical machines. It is not so easy to find them online. But they do exist, being the favorites of those who want an experience close to the “real”. They are known for having symbols like “bar”, fruits and the number 7. They usually have only 3 reels, with a low jackpot and Medium to Low Volatility.

Video slots –

Video slot machines are a direct evolution of the Classics. They focus on bringing visual and sound animations, often themed, which improves the player’s experience. Today they are the most common type, as almost 100% of online casinos count games of the genre. And they have the advantage of sometimes having thousands of possible winning combinations. Besides the symbols being themed, there are 2 characteristic of Video slots: Wild, which replaces normal symbols, and Scatter, which gives bonuses to players.

Progressive slots –

You may have heard of the progressive jackpot. It is precisely a jackpot that can be obtained in Progressive slots. A Progressive slot will accumulate all bets placed by players on that machine. After a while, a player wins the accumulated amount. Needless to say, the RTP for this type of slot machine is usually the lowest. It gives the site more advantage than the players.

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Mega ways slots –

This type of online slot machine is an evolution of Video slots. The main difference is that Mega ways can pay more. This is because it works in the win both ways style. You have rolls that change throughout the game, expanding the ways to win. At mega ways the ways to win can be more than 100,000.

Licensed casino slots –

Licensed slots are online slot machines that also tend to be Video. The difference is that they bring a brand belonging to some cultural product. Recently (not so long ago) one of the most played games has been based on Netflix’s NARCOS.


Online casino games are lucrative. If you have taken this as your primary source of income, you must set your strategy accordingly. Online casino will not simply let you come inside, play games, and withdraw the winnings. It is not so simple. Always read the terms and conditions before playing. At the same time, nothing prevents you from being lucky enough to be a big winner and leave with a fuller pocket than when you entered. Be a responsible gambler and practice with our tips to become a master in online slots.