How do you win big in Fantasy cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is a revelation of modern times and it isn’t any exaggeration to say that it has emerged as a legit income source for a few people. It has reached levels which are above and beyond the purview of being just a hobby or a habit. So can it really ever reach the levels of being a substitute to conventional revenue sources. Maybe if you play your cards right and follow the following fantasy cricket tips.

  • Get your cricketing IQ up.

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There is no substitute to knowledge and nothing like knowing the nitty gritty of a game which has so many ifs and buts. Its often said that cricket is a game of fine margins. A small cloud cover in the sky can influence the decision of a game pretty significantly so knowing the nuances of the game like the swinging ball and the turning pitches can be the most important factor in deciding whether you do well in the fantasy games or you ended up losing money.

  • Form over reputation

You may have players available for selection whom you would have heard about in the newspapers but it doesn’t guarantee performance for sure. Cricket is an unpredictable game where the performances are often dependant on the kind of run a player is on. That may be the single most important factor when it comes to how much you are going to earn as a player in the fantasy game.

  • Team over player

It is very important that you prioritise your team doing well as a whole rather than a player doing well and the team not doing well. In fantasy cricket the biggest restriction is the fact that you get only a very limited number of points. Now a sound strategy would be to invest those points equitably on players who would give you as much points as possible. Sometimes in order to get the more expensive players you end up missing out on a good team and select players who may or may not feature in the game. Bad strategy.

  • Captain/Vice Captain choices are the key.

 There is nothing more important than studying the captain and vice-captain candidates. How this works is that the captain gets his points doubled while the vice-captain gets one and a half times the points he gets. Now this increases the chances of you being in the big winning spots as a fantasy player. If you see the leader-boards, it is often the people who have selected the correct captains and vice captains that win the biggest. No prizes for guessing why it is so important in the context of the fantasy game

  • Pick the right competition

The way this works is that if you pick a competition where there are a lot of people who are competing at the same time, there is only a small piece of the pie. The pie gets smaller in the smaller competitions but the piece keeps getting bigger. But it is in the more common competitions that you have more knowledge about the competitions. For the smaller competitions, you would have to research a lot more too about the competitions where there isn’t much information available about. So, pick your battles wisely

  • Element of Luck/Instinct.

Instinct and luck are intangibles. Sometimes when everything else has been taken care off, a little bit of luck going your way can get you all the prize. So, the best you can do is follow the right processes and win until the dice falls for you and you win big. Keep playing.