GATE Syllabus For Civil and Mechanical Engineering (Released)

IIT Kharagpur recently declared the syllabus for the GATE exams, and students finally feel so much relieved about it! If you are also an aspirant looking forward to cracking this examination, then you better buckle up with the preparation. GATE is no child’s play, after all! 

In this article, we will discuss the GATE syllabus for Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. We will also discuss some tips for preparation and various other important resources. Read ahead to learn more about these. 

GATE Syllabus For Civil Engineering – CE (Plus Topic-Wise Weightage) 

Topic  Weightage 
Design of Steel Structures 4.25
SOM 7.75
Highway & Surveying 12
Structural Analysis 3.5
Engineering Mathematics 12.25
FM and Hydraulic machine 6.75
General Aptitude 15
Irrigation & Hydrology 7.75
Geo-Technical 15.25
Environment Engg 9
RCC and Prestressed concrete 6.5

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For the (Civil Engineering) CE paper, GATE authority has revised the syllabus. Check out the detailed GATE Syllabus for Civil Engineering to start preparing for your exams. 

GATE Syllabus For Mechanical Engineering – ME (Plus Topic-Wise Weightage) 

Topic  Weightage 
Thermodynamics 12.75
Engineering Mechanics 2.5
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 1.25
Strength of materials 7.75
General Aptitude 15
Heat Transfer 6
Industrial Engineering 8
Machine Design 3.75
Engineering Maths 12.25
Fluid Mechanics 7.5
Manufacturing Engineering 14.25
Theory of Mechanics 9

For the (Mechanical Engineering) ME paper, GATE authority has revised the syllabus. Check out the detailed GATE Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering to start preparing for your exams. 

Other Important Resources 

Here are some more things that you must have other than the syllabus for cracking the GATE examination this session: 

  • GATE study materials from trusted offline as well as online sources. 
  • GATE previous years’ question papers for understanding the overall pattern of the exam and the questions asked. 
  • GATE sample papers and mock tests for testing a candidate’s current preparation level and highlighting the areas that need a better revision. 
  • GATE running notes and associated books to dive deeper into particular topics that might be confusing. 
  • GATE full-form articles and differences between articles for clarification of any doubts with the opted subjects and their concepts. 

GATE Preparation Tips 

Keep the following points in mind while preparing for GATE 2022 examination: 

  • Don’t take a toll- mentally and physically. Try to maintain a healthy shape. Eat, sleep, and study on time, and try to stick to a balanced schedule for a better outcome. 
  • Revise every single day before starting with a new topic. This way, you don’t have to take time out of your preparation once a week or a month to revise. Also, the process of revision becomes less boring this way. 
  • Collect more mock test papers, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers for a better understanding of your current status of preparation. 
  • Try not to go way out of your league while checking question papers from previous years. Check only the papers from the past 4-5 years to avoid straying away from the recent curriculum. 
  • Practice derivations and numericals on a regular basis. This way, you will be in touch with the formulas, and you don’t have to memorize them separately. 
  • Try to collect a maximum number of resources, but narrow them down according to the syllabus. You don’t have to go bogus on the available study materials. or you will feel overwhelmed. 

Set up a schedule and manage your time to cover the entire syllabus for GATE 2022. Keep up with the recent updates, and get going with this amazing opportunity! Adios.