How to Make Quick Money

There are several reasons why you may need to make quick money. Some of the different ways to make quick money are listed below.

Sell Things That You Own

One of the best ways to make quick money is by selling things that you do not use any longer. These things may be high-demand commonly used items or valuable items, including DVDs, CDs, books, collectibles, musical instruments, smartphones, jewelry, video games, gift cards, antiques, and electronic gadgets like computers, speakers, TVs, and tablets, etc.

You can sell these things at yards sales, to a friend, at pawn shops or flea markets, or on eBay or other e-commerce sites. The selling price of your personal belongings should be competitive; it should not be highly discounted or costly. The right price is about fifty percent of the original price you paid. This will attract customers and allow you to make quick sales.

Borrow Money

Listed below are different options of borrowing money:

  • Ask your close friends or family members for a loan and tell them about your need for quick money and when you will pay them back.
  • Use the cash advance feature of your credit card and withdraw money from an ATM. You should comsider that the interest rate on credit card cash advances is very high. You may also consult your bank and verify if you can get a cash advance on your credit card with a check. This method has a comparatively lower interest rate.
  • Check with your bank, where you have a savings or checking account, and verify that account has overdraft protection. If yes, then use it to overdraw on your account. The overdraft amount needs to be paid back at a certain date, and it may involve some overdraft fees.
  • You can ask your employer for an advance on your pay.
  • If all else fails, then get a quick loan online. You can get a loan against your future paycheck or your car title. These loans are convenient and an easy way to get extra money. Be sure you can afford to pay it back in a timely manner.

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Other Kinds of Sales

In case you do not have anything valuable to sell, then you may try the below-listed options to make quick money:

  • Verify the laws in your area and then sell things to passersby at parks, sporting events, etc. You may sell nuts, cold drinks, water, etc. and make more than adequate money. Avoid such activity in areas with heavy traffic.
  • If your hair is long enough and healthy, then you can sell it and make quick cash. You can sell hair online or at salons who buy it.
  • If you are tall and handsome, then you can donate your sperm. The process of sperm donation is easy, and the payment by sperm collecting firms is quick. You can potentially earn thousands of dollars per month.
  • Go to a plasma donation center and verify if they will compensate you in cash or a gift card.
  • Scavenge for valuable things at public areas like beaches, shopping malls, parks, etc. There may be a chance that people may have dropped expensive goods like jewelry, money, smartphones, etc. You need to be lucky for this option to reliably allow you to find something that you can sell for quick cash.

Get Online Work

Try different paid jobs that offer easy and quick ways to make money. Many apps offer payment for tasks like marketing or directly to people who want certain tasks to be completed, like filling out a survey. Do not go for apps or online work that ask for credit card information or seek a fee up front.

In addition to online survey work and marketing tasks, you can look for focus groups in your city or try the Mechanical Turk work-program from Amazon. Payment for such work per task is not that high; however, it is possible to get immediate work, and money will start flowing in.


Many things can be offered for recycling or sold to a scrap dealer, in return for quick money.

You can collect cans and bottles from home, friends, neighborhood, etc. and sell them to recycle plants/scrap dealer for cash.

You may also sell parts of defunct computers and make quick money. Computer parts have metals like gold, aluminum, steel, etc. and hence valuable. You can collect scrap computer parts from friends, schools, offices, etc., and offer to dispose of them.

Different Kinds of Odd Jobs

Daily wage jobs are available in a variety of sectors like construction, etc. Go to an employment agency that provides day labor or other kinds of temporary work.

You can try odd jobs like washing cars, running errands for the affluent or elderly, doing yard work, packing and moving, cleaning attics or houses, dog walking, baby or pet sitting, and or driving cabs.

People of all shapes and sizes can become life models for art students. If you are willing to pose in the nude, then the payment is good.

If you have musical or other creative talents, then you can become a street performer.

Other Options to Make Quick Money

If you live in the right place, especially a college town or a tourist hotspot, then you can rent out rooms at your house at Airbnb. You can even rent out your entire house and shack up at a friend’s place for some time. Renting your home to Airbnb will allow you to make quick money in the range of $100 or more per day-night stay.

People who are willing to let go of their pride can panhandle or beg money on the streets. Check the laws of the area and verify if begging and panhandling is allowed before doing it.