How To Promote Your Mobile App

There are lots of apps currently in existence in the world so that way you don’t just sit and expect an app user to magically migrate to your app because it now a competition and everyone want to see theirs been promoted. The number of app increase at daily basis and are pretty staggering. Google play store recorded over 2.5 millions apps and over 2.2 apps in App store as of January 2017. For this reason, it is advisable that you get in place an app user acquisition strategy for launching and to guide it same way you would guide a traditional product launch.

Due to the fact that we’ve been in this field long enough to know how the app promotion works,  you need not to be afraid if you haven’t done that. There are some tips on how to promote your app;

Social Media

Social media appears to be compulsory; in fact, it is a compulsory for app promotion. Social Organic and paid are two major ways to get your audience connected.

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Paid: Just like the saying “money answers to all things”. Money can play a good role in your app promotion, it can get people flocking to your appointment and also boost your discoverability. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are good platforms to Create Android mobile app (สร้าง แอ พ มือ ถือ แอนดรอย which is the word in Thai) advertisement and this is due to their ability to segment and broad audiences.

Organic; This is all about creating and following people. You need not to be overly promotional because people will see you as spam rather try connection with them meaningfully by taking part in their conversations and posting about things that interests them. This type of promotion simply comes with having a presence like Instagram profiles, Facebook page and Twitter and following people within your target industry and audience.