Marketing Translation

Translating your content to develop your business internationally is far from easy. By studying the services offered by Translation Services Bangkok, you may encounter terms that are unknown to you, such as transcreation or adaptation. Although similar in appearance, these services each have their specificities, which is essential to understand to be able to choose the one that best suits your company. In this article, you will have the opportunity to find out exactly what adaptation, transcreation, and copywriting are and what content is best for them.

What Is The Difference With A Classical Translation

The translation is sufficient for the texts to directly reflect the content of the source (product sheets, technical documentation, etc.). The latter generally requires little imagination, and their main objective, in the target language, is to convey to customers the same information as the source. On the other hand, a simple translation is not ideal for marketing materials – a catchy slogan or a dash of humor usually does not work when translated. When it comes to creativity, transcreation, copywriting, and adaptation make their appearance!


Copywriting is about creating text from scratch without any source text to rely on. To do this, it is necessary to call on a highly competent editor with some experience in communication or journalism. Unlike translation, this service does not just reproduce a source document in the target language: the copywriter has more freedom and composes a new text, designed for a specific market.

Copywriting process consists of 3 steps:

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Strategy: our employees are at your side to prepare a brief stating your objectives, the target audience of your text, but also the desired style and tone to adopt.

Writing: the copywriter starts writing the content, working closely with you.

Validation And Revision: Once the text is ready, a review step is planned to allow you to read it and to share your impressions. The copywriter then makes the necessary changes to deliver attractive content that meets your expectations.

Any copywriting service requires a clear and complete brief detailing your strategy, the positioning of your brand, and the desired style. The project editor will be able to create content that will resonate with your target group. Since he does not have a source text that he could use as inspiration, the information you provide to the copywriter is essential because it allows him to understand your needs and guide his work. A precise brief guarantees the smooth running of the process. The revision phase, on the other hand, will only be shorter.