Nordic or blanket? Advantages and disadvantages of each one for you to definitely decide


Manufacturers always recommend changing the duvet cover like sheets, that is, once a week or two. However, with the blankets it goes a little the other way around: they should be washed once a year, and not in any way because, in fact, they cannot be put in the washing machine. It is normal to take them to the laundry to have a dry cleaning, but at home it can also be done. Of course: you have to do it by hand, with neutral soap, and then leave them in water for a few hours, and drain without rubbing, etc.


 These arachnids are total fans of camping in bed, but if they can choose, they prefer to do it on natural fabric such as wool. Therefore, this type of tissue is a thousand times more likely to breed mites than the Nordic, whose cover is usually cotton in most cases. And it washes more often.


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Nordic down (not feather or synthetic) are manufactured precisely to breathe better than any other material. In fact, it is the best natural and breathable insulator available today. Faced with this, there are the wool blankets that, although they heat you up in less than ten seconds, are not made to perspire, but quite the opposite.

The comfort

This, as in everything, goes to taste. The biggest feature of a blanket is that it allows you to sleep ‘crushed’, and very, very hot. If you are one of those who love sleeping with weight on top, sign up for the blanket(which is the term in Thai ผ้าห่มขนหนู). However, there are others who prefer to be able to move freely through the bed, so theirs are the Nordics. Not to mention the time it takes to make the bed with blanket, sheets and bedspread, and the time spent having only the Nordic. There is no color.