What is Face Serum and Why Use It?

By now, we all understand the standard skincare rules: do not go to sleep with your make-up on. Constantly moisturize. Use SPF because your life depends on it. Yet there’s a new skin tone mandate you may not be as knowledgeable about: utilize a serum [เซรั่ม, which is the term in Thai]. We’re serious; adding serums to our skincare routine has actually made the most significant difference to the method our faces look.

Are you not persuaded? Enable us to convince you better. Here are three excellent, significant benefits to adding lotion to your skincare regimen.

  • They work

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Serums are all excellent, as well as no filler, including the highest concentration of active ingredients that you can get over the counter. Contrast, creams and cleansers typically consist of between 5% to 10% active component, whereas serum products can have as much as 70%. This indicates that you’ll really obtain outcomes, whether you’re seeking to tone, brighten, reduce great lines, do away with dark spots, or firmness.

  • Absolutely no fillers

If your skin is breakout-prone or sensitive, you know how crucial preventing affordable occlusive representatives, such as petroleum and mineral oil, can be. Since products are particularly developed to be delivery systems, they don’t contain any of those. Their goal is to see to it that their expensive active components, such as stem cells, peptides, vitamins, as well as advantageous minerals, get past the outer layer of your skin and supply their success deep down. Anything that might hinder of that mission is overlooked of the cocktail entirely. The result? A potent and pure skincare potion.

  • Fewer outbreaks

People with acne-prone skin, be glad! Unlike traditional moisturizers, which can leave a pore-blocking layer atop the skin, serums have a watery uniformity, as well as many are, as a matter of fact, water-based as opposed to being oil-based. This means they absorb much faster with no breakout-encouraging residue left behind.