Pellet Heating: What Are The Precautions To Be Taken Into Account?

Pellet heating has been a lot to talk about! This is not the first time we have explored the world of pellets here on the blog: their advantages and disadvantages, the precautions to take, and comparison with wood stoves and stoves. However, and because it is such a current and sought-after topic, let’s go back to discussing the subject.

Today, we bring the main advantages and the main precautions to be taken with pellet heating.

5 Precautions To Take With Pellet Heating

If you already have a stove or pellet stove as seen in Ecoforest, it is essential to keep in mind some precautions to consider. Thus, you will be extending the life of the equipment and ensuring the safety of your home and those who live in it.

Frequent cleaning is essential! Whether it is a stove, fireplace, or stove, you must clean your equipment frequently, preferably before turning it on again;

Do not touch the glass directly! The heat from the combustion of pellets causes the device surfaces to heat up and reach high temperatures, running the risk of burning in case of direct contact;

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Keep an eye out for children. Children are curious, which makes them want to explore everything around them, often unaware of the dangers they run. As with any equipment that works at high temperatures, such as an oven or stove, it is essential to watch children.

Do not put clothes to dry on top of the equipment! If you tend to dry your clothes naturally, winter and rainy seasons can be tricky times. As tempting as it may seem, do not put wet clothing on top of the device, as you risk starting a fire.

Check the space you have available. When installing, make sure there is a safe space around the fireplace, stove, or stove, preventing possible fires.