The Importance Of The Custom Doormat

When arriving at a store or other type of establishment, it is not uncommon to see a doormat positioned at the entrance. Doormat is the name of those rugs of different sizes placed in front of doors.

Why Is The Doormat Important?

There are several reasons why the person responsible for the establishment must place a doormat at their entrance, first, because of shoe hygiene. Most of the time, when we move on the street, the shoes end up bringing dirt such as organic compounds, paper, and dust. Through the mat and the friction between the shoe and the rug, it is possible to eliminate most of the dirt. This way, the visitor does not bring the dirt inside, contributing to the cleaning of the place.

The second reason is the visitor’s safety. Also, because of the dirt on the street, there is a risk that when entering and having contact with the establishment’s floor, there may be slipping. This is because the adhesion between both floors is different. For example, when having contact with rainwater, the sole of the shoe has its grip reduced. Soon after, the visitor enters a place with a porcelain floor. Depending on speed and carelessness, a fall may occur. On the other hand, by removing the excess water on the doormat, this chance decreases.

Another Positive Factor For Owning A Doormat Rug:

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the doormat like heavy-duty entrance mats can also be a Marketing factor for the establishment. Developed from rubber, the doormat can be styled with the company logo or even welcome messages and other types. Applying this personalization, company reinforces its image in the consumer’s memory and contributes to the improvement of the place’s aesthetics.

Tips For Purchasing A Custom Doormat:

  • Avoid the white color as it gets dirty very quickly
  • Search for suppliers that already have recommendations and are highlighted on the internet
  • Check if the rubber is resistant

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