What Could Slow Down your Personal Injury Settlement

The majority of personal injury claims settle in a few months to a year. In general, your claim takes more time if you have more complex injuries. Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys strive to handle their clients’ cases as efficiently as possible. But, some factors can slow down settlement. These include the following:

The Need for Extensive Medical Treatment and Surgeries

Settling your personal injury case before you reach maximum medical improvement is quite risky. If your recovery involves intense rehab, complex medical issues, and multiple surgeries, valuing your injuries properly will take longer. The same can be said if you suffer complications such as infections or failed surgical repair while you recover. 

Legal or Factual Issues

To assess your claim and decide the amount of money to pay out, insurance providers carefully take into account the facts and laws that surround your case. They will usually offer a small amount of settlement or deny your claim if they have defenses or you  have weak evidence. The insurer may claim that you are not as injured as you say. An experienced attorney knows how to respond to these allegations, establish strong evidence, and fight back.

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Expensive Claims

Usually, insurance companies quickly settle small claims that involve minor injuries. But, if you have an expensive claim, these companies may use drastic measure and delay tactics for slowing down your claim. For these cases, mediation is often beneficial. It involves a neutral party helping both parties negotiate and finding a common ground. 

Lack of Representation

If you don’t have a lawyer on your side, you can be taken advantage of by the insurance company. Insurance providers may draw out a claim by ordering several medical records, letting you go through many medical examinations, or avoiding phone calls hoping in the hopes that you will give up and take an unreasonable settlement.