Tips To Care For Your Rainy Shoes This Rainy Season

When it’s that time of the year when everything is soggy and wet, you would need to take care of your footwear well. It’s your footwear that protects you from the mud, water and possible germs spread in the rainy season. Hence, it is essential to practice care methods for your rainy shoes

No one wants their shoes to be caked in mud and rainwater, and in case you don’t have waterproof shoes, things can get pretty messy there. Cleaning your rainy shoes can be a challenging task, so here we present to you some tips to protect your footwear from the rain. 

Get started before it starts raining again!

Wait Till the Mud Gets Dried

Working on your wet rainy shoes is a whole lot of mess right there. Don’t hurry and try to clean the damp mud. When you enter the house, keep the shoes in a safe place where it doesn’t come in contact with water. Once the dirt is dried completely, you can go further with the cleaning process

Use The Right Cleaning Gears

Did you think you can clean it with a clean cotton cloth? Don’t try that. Mud is stubborn, and it won’t come off your rainy shoes quickly. It would be best if you scrubbed it off using a brush or your regular toothbrush as well. No need to buy a new one, you can keep aside your old toothbrush for shoes cleaning.

Now Use A Cloth

Once you have thoroughly worked it out with a toothbrush and scrubbed adequately off the dry mud, it’s time to wipe off the remnants with a clean cloth. Yes, use a cotton cloth, preferably, to clean as much as dirt possible from the shoes. If there are more stubborn dirt marks, you might want to use a durable cloth fabric with a shoe cleaner to rub it off rigidly. 

Cleaning For Specific Shoe

Every shoe type has a distinctive cleaning procedure that you need to know about-:

  • Sports: Take a mug of warm water and fabric detergent, remove all the laces and soak the shoes in it. After an hour, use a sponge to clean it. Don’t forget to air dry them, but keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Leather: Clean off the debris and dirt with a shoe brush. Use saddle soap and dampen a cloth in water to wipe off the excess dirt from it. 
  • Suede: Dry off the shoes first; do not use a dryer. Use a nylon brush to scrub off the dirt. With vinegar or rubbing alcohol, you can remove any stubborn stains that are left behind.

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The Bottom Line

Irrespective of the season, you need to care for your shoes to extend their life and durability. In the rainy season, you need to look into keeping them clean and safe particularly. Rainy shoes are your protective gears when it rains, and the roads are layered with muds. Don’t let the mud dry onto your shoes, and follow the care tips as mentioned above to keep the new as ever in this rainy season.