the return of classic polo shirts – the top that flatters every time you wear it

The polo shirt is the instant choice when the occasion is a golf match or a night out at a country bar however the product is the latest trend on every man’s shopping list. Let’s admit it nothing could ever go wrong with a classic polo shirt on jeans and a black leather belt. They look dazzling if paired with the right kind of denim shorts topped with a straw hat, a perfect cure for sure. Yes, it is hard to differentiate the polo shirt from its hippy American looks thanks to some famous brands. Polos are not easy to style hence, the reason that is not the mainstay fashion trend.

Ways to style a polo shirt according to the top trendsetters of the recent times

Each fashion trend is acknowledged and bound based on some cultural Deja vu. Be its shoulder pads, cowboy boots or prairie dresses, they bring out stimulations that evoke nostalgic memories. The reboot of polo shirts today began in the nineteenth century. documentaries like fresh dressed of the eighties started the rage of polo shirts. The latest resurgence of the classic can be traced back to the spring of 2019. Their brands bringing it in that never did before. Polo shirts are best for those who style in a mix of classic and contemporary. Minimalism works best with these shirts and looks perfect for a polished style when you are in a rush.

Designing and customizing your polo shirts.

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Sometimes polo shirts can indeed be little too classy and simplistic. To make things more interesting one can add their own personal design to it. This can be done through online platforms such as 12Tess that is an e tailoring website based in Thailand. Get your custom polo shirts using their incredible software backed up by strong algorithms. Sport the rebooted polo in your own unique with 12Tees.