Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer? Find Out Here

After you and your spouse have decided to legally end your marriage, there are things that you need to prepare yourself to do. One of these is that you need to hire a divorce lawyer. Some people think that this is just a waste of money and it is just better to settle things between you and your spouse and have a verbal agreement. 


Nothing is wrong with a verbal agreement especially if you separated peacefully, but if you want to make it legal for you and your kids involved, then it is best that you hire a divorce lawyer Singapore who can help you with the process. Also, there are certain situations that will be best for you to have an expert to represent your case. So here’s why you might want to consider hiring a divorce lawyer:


You Get Expert Advice

If you hire a lawyer, he or she can help make sure that you are receiving what you deserve during the divorce. An even split on the assets is not usually supported by the state laws. So if your marriage has complicated issues to settle, a lawyer can help make a fair split between you and your spouse. Some of the most common issues that spouses deal with during a divorce are child custody and support, debts, current and future assets, as well as debts. 


Possible Violence from The Spouse

Not a lot of people will admit that they are dealing with domestic violence at home. But if you know that are, and you want to be legally separated from your spouse, then you should talk to a lawyer regarding your situation. Domestic violence does not only involve adults. So if you know that your spouse will hurt you or your children, a temporary restraining order (TRO) needs to be taken out. 


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Remember to never take your children away from your spouse without a TRO because you might be charged with kidnapping. Or maybe he or she has plans on taking your property, leaving you and your children with nothing to start your life with, then a family lawyer can help you.


An Uncontested Divorce

For an uncontested divorce, neither of both parties is fighting against it. So if both parties agree to legally separate, then filing for an uncontested divorce can help save time and money that are usually spend through a streamlined court procedure. Although you can always file for an uncontested divorce without the need for a lawyer, it is still best that an expert can look through your agreement to ensure that your rights and your interests are well-protected.


Avoid Making Any Mistakes

Depending on the situation, a spouse can file for divorce on their own. However, many have made mistakes during the process. The stress of the divorce as well as the complicated legal system can make the process more difficult for you. And because of this, thinking clearly can become a challenge. And when this happens, it is easy to make a significant mistake during the divorce proceeding. And that is something that you would not be happy to deal with.


Now that you know the reasons why you need to hire a divorce lawyer, then think about considering one if you are currently dealing with the situations mentioned above. Hiring an expert in handling cases such as yours can make this difficult time much easier for you to deal with.