The obligation of an Attorney for fighting a Traumatic Brain Injury case for you

Ethical rules are governing the conduct of attorneys. The attorney-client relationship is one of them in which attorneys are obliged to their client, and the clients have their rights in their cases. For example, if you didn’t like how your lawyer is handling the case, you can appeal to the court to change your lawyer.

Attorneys shouldn’t indulge in cases in which they have no expertise. For example, if someone got a brain injury working in a company, the personal injury attorney who would like to work in behalf of that client needs to have knowledge of issues related to workers compensation and appearances in front of the board of workers compensation. Also, he/she needs to know about traumatic brain injury to fight the case.

The client has rights to know about the settlement, which has to be explained by his/her lawyer in full details. After the client understands the ramifications, which he/she is fully entitled to, then only he/she should accept the settlement.

One has to choose a brain injury lawyer with care. If someone has a brain injury, it is essential to select an expert lawyer as this lawsuit has a long-term impact on the quality of life.

Following are some questions you should consider asking before hiring a lawyer:

  • In the last three years, how many similar cases the attorney has been involved with?
  • What is the amount of practice the attorney devotes to persons with traumatic brain injury?
  • Will the attorney himself represent your case or he/she would refer it to someone else?
  • What are the results of your past cases that were same as yours?
  • Did he/she lecture in bar association about traumatic brain injury?
  • Is he/she a permanent member and regular visitor of brain injury association?

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These are the questions the attorney should answer before you hire him/her, if the answers are satisfactory to you, you can hire him/her and follow him throughout the trial. In any case, you find him/her not as useful, change your lawyer immediately.